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Our list of resources for people in the field of Psychology will help new and veteran professionals alike when it comes to certifications, associations, best practices, the latest in research, podcasts and more.

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Working in Psychology is complex and continuously changing, and there is a lot to remember, from certification guidelines to the newest research methods. Our content covers it all, from what certifications are available to the latest in theory and practice from respected professionals.

The field of Psychology is growing rapidly, with 14% job growth over the 2018 to 2028 decade, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. With a wide range of roles and responsibilities, delivery methods and online coursework and certifications to grow your knowledge, there is a lot of room in this field for advancement and opportunity.

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Psychology Associations

American Psychological Association

American Psychological Association, which has more than 121,000 members, is a professional and scientific organization that represents various areas of psychology in the United States.

Association for Psychological Science

Association for Psychological Science is an international organization committed to promoting scientific psychology across various geographic and disciplinary borders.

International Association of Applied Psychology

IAAP is an organization devoted to promote the study of applied psychology and further the communication and interaction among applied psychologists globally.

National Association of School Psychologists

NASP, which consists of more than 25,000 grad students, school psychologists and similar professionals across the U.S. and worldwide, is dedicated to improving learning for students.

Association of State and Provincial Psychology Boards

Association of State and Provincial Psychology Boards is committed to promoting anti-racist and socially just practices within the psychology profession.

Society for Personality and Social Psychology

Society for Personality and Social Psychology is a large group of social and personality psychologists focused on advancing the study of personality and social psychology.

Asian Association of Social Psychology

Asian Association of Social Psychology is a group whose goal is to provide students and professionals in both Asia and the Pacific with a place to discuss news, studies and research.

Association of Black Psychologists

The Association of Black Psychologists is an organization representing Black/African psychologists to promote their values and principles.

American Psychological Association of Graduate Students

American Psychological Association of Graduate Students acts as an advocate for psychology graduate students and helps to provide the highest quality training for students.

American Education Research Association

American Educational Research Association is a nonprofit organization made up of education researchers committed to promoting knowledge of education around the world.

National Alliance for the Mentally Ill

National Alliance on Mental Illness, one of the biggest grassroots mental health organizations in the nation, is focused on improving the lives of anyone suffering from mental health issues.

Psychology Certifications

Clinical Psychology

American Board of Professional Clinical Psychology is a board that ensures that psychology students have met the requirements to be certified in the field of clinical psychology.

Behavioral and Cognitive Psychology

American Board of Professional Behavioral & Cognitive Psychology is a part of the ABPP focused on educational training and research in the field of behavioral and cognitive psychology.

Clinical Health Psychology

American Board of Clinical Health Psychology helps individuals obtain the training needed to become board certified and ensures they meet the requirements to obtain clinical health psychology certification.

Counseling Psychology

American Board of Professional Counseling Psychology is one of the first ABPP specialties and one focused on providing the training and education to prepare candidates for certification in counseling psychology.


American Board of Professional Geropsychology is an organization that, along with the ABPP, oversees certification exams in the area of geropsychology and ensures candidates are adequately trained.


American Board and Academy of Psychoanalysis is a board that ensures that professionals who wish to be certified in psychoanalysis have met the training, education and experience requirements for professional licensure.

School Psychology

American Board of School Psychology ensures that professionals seeking certification as school psychologists have the training and education to apply psychology to students and youth in school.

Organizational Business Consulting Psychology

American Board of Organizational and Business Consulting Psychology is an organization consisting of those seeking certification in the specialties of Human Factor Psychology, Consulting Psychology, Industrial/Organizational Psychology and Organizational Coaching.

Forensic Psychology

American Board of Professional Forensic Psychology is a board that ensures psychology students have met the requirements to be certified in the specialty of forensic psychology.

Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology

American Board of Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology is a certification board ensures professionals receive adequate training to be certified in clinical child and adolescent psychology.

Clinical Neuropsychology

A specialty board of the ABPP, the American Board of Clinical Neuropsychology administers the competency exam for clinical neuropsychology certification and pediatric clinical neuropsychology.

Couple and Family Psychology

American Board of Professional Couple and Family Psychology, consisting of professionals certified in couple and family psychology, is committed to ensuring aspiring counselors have the training and education required for certification.

Group Psychology

The American Board of Group Psychology is a member of the ABPP that determines requirements for training, education and certification exams leading to certification in group psychology.

Police and Public Safety Psychology

American Board of Police & Public Safety Psychology is a specialty board aimed at helping law enforcement and related public safety personnel carry out their functions with utmost safety, effectiveness, health while conforming with ethics and laws.


American Board of Rehabilitation Psychology is a specialty that deals with assisting patients with traumatic, chronic or congenital illnesses or injuries. This board assists candidates with their certification.

Psychology Conferences

American Psychological Association

American Psychological Association Convention is an online site the provides educational training and online access to the annual convention.

Society for Personality and Social Psychology

Society for Personality and Social Psychology is a site that provides information and allows online registration for annual psychology conventions.

Academy of Behavioral Medicine Research

The Academy of Behavioral Medicine Research is a group of psychology members who acknowledge leaders in their field. This year’s virtual conference discusses the role of behavioral medicine in these times.

American Educational Research Association

AERA is a national research society that promotes education using research in an effort to better serve the public.

Annual Psychologists and Psychiatrists Meet

Annual Psychiatrists and Psychologists Meet is an annual meeting that was a webinar this year, with sessions on Cognitive Psychology, Stress and Depression, Suicide and Self Harm and More.

Cognitive Development Society

Cognitive Development Society is a group of professionals who use research or theory to change the intellectual system used to promote better mental health.

Association for Psychological Science

Association for Psychological Science provides information on the international organization’s convention as well as ways psychology professions can communicate and network globally.

Western Psychological Association

Western Psychological Association offers valuable information on the 2020 Conference in San Francisco, CA as well as the ability to register online.

American Psychosomatic Society

American Psychosomatic Society is a group of professionals focused on integrating and advancing the study of behavioral, psychological and social factors into diseases and general health. The site also offers information on conventions and meetings.


World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology is an online site that offers information on psychology conferences.

Psychology, Psychotherapy and Mental Wellness

Conference provides information on webinars and conferences related to psychology, psychotherapy and mental health.

Psychology Publications

Psychological Bulletin

American Psychological Association is an organization and a website that offers bulletins, magazines, reports, journals and other publications on psychology.

Journal of Abnormal Psychology

The Journal of Abnormal Psychology is a publication that has basic research articles related to psychology and other abnormal behaviors, their correlates and determinants.

APA Monitor on Psychology

Monitor on Psychology is a division of the American Psychological Association that focuses on telepsychology and other areas of psychology to promote better living.

The International Journal of Psychoanalysis

The International Journal of Psychoanalysis is about psychoanalysis and published six times a year. This journal was originally founded in part by Sigmund Freud and is fully peer reviewed.

International Journal of Psychology

Wiley Online Library hosts the International Journal of Psychology in an online journal format with various publications on psychology.

Scientific American Mind

Scientific Medicine is an online publication that offers articles on mental health; behavioral science, neural science and cognition.

Psychological Review

The Psychological Review is an online publication offered through the American Psychological Association. It publishes articles related to scientific psychology.

Journal of Applied Psychology

Journal of Applied Psychology is an online publication through the APA PsychNet that also allows readers to retrieve articles through the archives.

APS Observer

APS is an international organization focused on promoting scientific psychology globally through teaching, research and actually applying psychological science.

The Psychologist

The Psychologist is a publication offered through the British Psychological Society that provides residents and psychology professionals information on everything psychology related.

Psychology Today

Psychology Today is a website where individuals can read psychology-based articles and find a therapist online.

Psychology Software


Empirisoft is a corporation and site that offers various psychology software and hardware products.


QSR International is a company that offers services and products to help succeed in the work and life. Their product, Nvivo, allows for qualitative analysis, studying the ‘why’ behind the ‘what.’

Therapist Aid

Therapist Aid offers therapy and psychological tools and educational training to help psychologists improve in their work.


Healthy Psych is an online site that offers various psychology tools to help individuals relax, sleep better and live better.

APA Assessment Tools

Assessment Tool offers information on testing and questionnaires that psychologists and caregivers can give to patients.

Psychology Software Tools, Inc.

Psychology Software Tools offers a variety of tools, software and similar products focused on different areas of psychology.

Sona Systems

Sona Systems is a company that sells products aimed at helping researchers and instructors turn traditional research and learning into online learning.

Assessment Psychology Online

Assessment Psychology Online offers assistance in how to test, assess and practice management for acting psychologists.


iTherapy is an online site that offers some therapy tools to help psychologists provide patients with the best possible care.


Heinz College KrackPlot is a program that used by social network analysts through the use of network visualization.

Psychology Podcasts

All in the Mind

All in the Mind is a program offered through ABC Radio National that covers various topics, including the mind, brain and human behavior.

The Brain Science Podcast

Brain Science offers various bulletins, newsletters and podcasts on topics on the brain and brain teasers.

The Psychology of Attractiveness

Psychology of Attractiveness is a podcast is a science show that offers information various research-based psychology and relationship issues.

This Is Psychology Podcast

The Psychology Podcasts, by Scott Barry Kaufman, offers different shows with a variety of guests all discussing interesting topics.

60 Second Mind

Scientific American’s 60-Second Mind is an online site that covers many areas, including the sciences, technology, mind and health as well as various podcasts.

Inner Talent Interviews

Inner Talent Interviews offers a variety of online interviews, articles and podcasts on various health-related topics.

The Story of Psychology

Apple Podcasts Review is a site that offers many podcasts on psychology topics of interest. Story of Psychology is from Missouri State.

The Wise Council Podcast

Stitcher is a site that offers podcasts covering topics such as the mind, behavior, psychology and much more.