101 Resources for Student Mental Health

Students going to college, especially for the first time, often experience loneliness, confusion and even stress. This is especially true since the pandemic. The good news is that there are many placed and organizations available to offer help and assistance. The college years are meant to be fun and exciting, and with the right resources available, student can make the best of these years despite outside forces around them.

anxiety in college resource

Anxiety – Depression

Anxiety and Depression Association of America

Anxiety & Depression Association of America offers resources on understanding anxiety and depression. It also offers information on treatment methods.

Shareable Resources on Anxiety Disorders

The National Institute on Mental Health provides readers with information on anxiety disorders. Readers can choose from brochures, fact sheets, statistics and general research article.

Anxiety in College: What We Know and How to Cope

Harvard Health Publishing, a department of Harvard Medical School, provides information on college depression and anxiety and also offers coping methods.

Anxiety in College Students: Causes, Statistics & How Universities Can Help

The American Institute of Stress provides resources on the causes and statistics on anxiety among college students. It also offers tips on what universities can do to help.

JED Foundation Campus Impact Report

The JED Foundation, an organization committed to improve mental health and reduce suicide among college students, offers insight into their Campus Impact program where they provide affordable resources to college students and measure their success.

Stress management interventions for college students in the context of the COVID‐19 pandemic

The U.S. National Library of Medicine offers information on stress management intervention for college students trying to get through the Covid pandemic.

Anxiety in College Students

Anxiety.org is an online site where college students can go to obtain information on social isolation and loneliness and can also find suggestions on how to cope.

CDC Resources on Depression

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention offers various articles on mental health based on area and location so readers can find help in their own community.

Shareable Resources on Depression

The National Institute of Mental Health provides information to raise awareness on mental health and depression.


The National Alliance on Mental Illness offers valuable information on depression, anxiety disorders, bipolar disorders, ADHD and other mental health personality disorders.

U.S. Depression Rates Reach New Highs

This Gallup poll from May 2023 shows how depression rates in the United States have risen greatly since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, and rates among women, minorities and young adults are growing the fastest.

Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance

Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance is an organization that gives information and support for individuals suffering from bipolar disorders or depression. It has videos, podcasts, brochures and other reading material.

The American College Health Association

The American College Health Association (ACHA) offers various resources for college students and people who work with college students. Check out their resource section for their Healthy Campus framework and inventory.

Getting Through Tough Times – Resilience – Dealing with Disappointment

Building your resilience

The American Psychological Association offers some valuable information on dealing with stress and adversity by learning tips on resilience. It not only offers advice on dealing with adversity but also getting through it and coming out even stronger.

Resources on Developing Resilience, Grit, and Growth Mindset

The George Lucas Educational Foundation offers help to K-12 students on how they can apply the right attitudes, skills and knowledge to help them thrive in life right through adulthood despite the adversity and stress they may encounter along the way.

The Resilience Institute

The Resilience Institute offers evidence-based and practical information on how to overcome anxiety and build resilience to get through life’s trials and tribulations. It offers books, webinars and podcasts.

How to Cultivate the Resources for Resilience

Mindful Communications is a public corporation that offers courses, training, directories and content to help people enhance their personal relationships, enjoy better health and build a more caring society.

Personal and Community Resilience: Building It and Sustaining It 

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Association links to a presentation given by the State of West Virginia. This presentation shows not only what makes up a resilient child, but how to build resilience in communities.

Resiliency Resources

National Center on Safe Supportive Learning Environments is a website that offers various information on building resilience in children and adults as well as educating them on how to overcome tragedy, stress and fear.

Individual Resilience

Public Health Emergency provides a first responder fact sheet on resilience, including how to identify resilience, how to build it and what contributes to individual resilience, particularly in public emergencies.

The Power of Believing You Can Improve

Carol Dweck, a speaker affiliated with Technology, Entertainment and Design (TED), provides information on how we can deal with and overcome stress by improving our brain’s capacity to learn and grow.

Mindfulness Exercises

Mayo Clinic offers various types of learning exercises on mindfulness and teaches how to use mindfulness to help improve your life.

Body Image:

NEDA – Body Image

The National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA) is a large organization that helps people and children with eating disorder by identifying body images and how they play into eating disorders.

Resources for Recovery: Body Image

Looking Glass offers individuals with eating disorders information and training programs to provide them with proper support during the recovery period.

Body Image Resource for Teachers

Jessie’s Legacy is a group that provides teachers with evidence-based help with providing their students with good body images to prevent eating disorders and similar issues stemming from low self-esteem.

The Body Positive

The Body Positive Institute offers a research-based article on how people can thrive and live healthier lives by listening to their bodies and learning from what their bodies are telling them.

Office of Women’s Health

The Office on Women’s Health offers women helpful resources and information on body image, including what it is and the importance of having a healthy and happy body image.

Teens, Social Media and Body Image

The Park Nicolett Melrose Center, through the help of Heather R. Gallivan, offers a presentation on body image and self-esteem as well how they promote healthier living.

Social Media, Thin-Ideal, Body Dissatisfaction and Disordered Eating Attitudes: An Exploratory Analysis

U.S. Library of Medicine offers a scholarly article about eating disorders, body dissatisfaction and the desire to be thin and how this can all affect self-esteem and overall mental and physical health.

How Social Media Is a Toxic Mirror

This article, written by TIME USA, talks about psychologists have learned how social medial can have a negative impact on an individual’s self-confidence and self-esteem.

The Complicated Truth about Social Media and Body Image

The BBC, a public service broadcaster, offers information on how social media not only affects how we look at our self but also interprets how we feel we look to others and how it can affect us in a negative way.

Social Media and Body Image Concerns: Current Research and Future Directions

This article by Science Direct focuses on how social media can play an important role on body image and how viewers opinions of their selves can be negatively affected by the internet.

Suicide Prevention

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

This site, through the Suicide Prevention Lifeline, offers valuable information on who people contemplating suicide can call. This site also provides information to family members and friends of someone suffering from suicidal tendencies.

Suicide Prevention for College Students

The National Alliance on Mental Illness offers helpful information on suicide prevention among college students and what family members can do to help them.

Suicide Prevention Resource Center

The Suicide Prevention Resource Center talks about why colleges should offer suicide prevention help and what they can do to best help the students.

Suicide Prevention in College Students: A Collaborative Approach

The U.S. National Library of Medicine offers a scholarly journal on suicide prevention among college students and how mental health and behavioral issues can affect the rate of suicide.

University and College Campus Suicide Prevention

This article, through the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, talks about the importance of colleges having programs and help for mental health and suicide prevention problems.

3 Things College Campuses Can Do to Prevent Suicide

The Education Development Center provides information on what colleges and universities can do to prevent suicide among college students as well as how they can improve their suicide prevention programs.

Student Mental Health Program

The California Community Colleges Student Mental Health Program offers valuable information on how colleges can develop effective mental health and suicide prevention programs.

Suicide and College Students

The Illinois Department of Public Health site provides information on how to offer the best suicide prevention programs for college students.

American Association of Suicidology

This article, through the American Association of Suicidology offers many resources (pamphlets, articles and programs) to help prevent suicide.


Loneliness at Universities: Determinants of Emotional and Social Loneliness among Students

The U.S. National Library of Medicine offers a scholarly article on how college instructors can recognize social and emotional loneliness among students and provide them with helpful resources.

Dealing with Loneliness in College during a Pandemic

Boston University (BU) Today offers information on how college students can deal with loneliness and depression during a pandemic.

Only the Lonely: A Study of Loneliness Among University Students in Norway

This site, offered by PsychOpen, provides a scholarly article on loneliness among college students in Norway, and how it can affect not just their academics but their social life and mental health as well.

Social Isolation Causing Psychological Distress Among University Students

The McGill Newsroom offers a site that talks about how social isolation due the pandemic can cause loneliness among college students. It also offers suggestions on getting through this period.

USC tackles ‘loneliness epidemic’ in a world of social media

USC News offers a site filled with information on how despite social media, loneliness is still a large issue at colleges.

Self-Concept, Social Isolation, and Academic Achievement in College Students with and without Learning Disabilities

This site offers helpful information on social isolation and how it can affect academic achievement with both regular and students with learning disabilities.

Alcoholism – Addictions

National Eating Disorder Awareness

The National Eating Disorders Association offers resources, training programs and treatment options for individuals or family members of an individual suffering from an eating disorder.

Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders

The National Association of Anorexia Nervosa an Associated Disorders (ANAD) offers educational materials, and hotline and support groups to people suffering with an eating disorder.

The Center for Mindful Eating Meditations

The Center for Mindful Eating is a site that viewers can go to learn about mindfulness, mindfulness exercises and mediation to help with eating disorders.

Alcoholics Anonymous

The Alcoholic Anonymous site offers resources and information for alcoholics or family members and also offers information on where to go in your local community.

Cocaine Anonymous

On the Cocaine Anonymous World Services Inc. site, viewers can share their stories about cocaine addiction and get information on where they can get help.

Crystal Meth Anonymous

Crystal Meth Anonymous offers information on what crystal meth is and offers those affected by it a place to communicate and share their stories.

Heroin Anonymous

Heroin Anonymous World Services is a group of people sharing stories about how they have improved their lives by kicking the habit. It also has information on heroin and Covid-19.


Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) is a confidential and free treatment service center for those interested in kicking the habit or just someone to talk to about their addiction.

Am I An Alcoholic Quiz

This Alcohol Anonymous site is for individuals who think they may have a problem with alcohol. It also offers suggestions on where to obtain help.

Binge Drinking

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is a site that offers information on binge drinking, including what it is and if it’s a problem.

Gender-Based Violence

Violence Against Women and Girls

Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG) provides readers with information on both the characteristics and consequences to violence to women and girls.

The United Nations Population Fund is a site that offers valuable information on topics like protecting vulnerable women from Covid-19, family planning, partner abuse and more.


Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network (RAINN), as one of the biggest anti-sexual violence organization in the U.S., works with other organizations nationwide to prevent violence and offers valuable information on its site.


This site, through the National Association of Student Personnel (NASPA), offers information college instructors and personnel should know regarding gender-based violence on campus.


International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) offers information on addressing and identifying gender-based violence in college and in the military.

Campus Technical Assistance and Resource Project

Changingourcampus.org is an online site that provides information on developing programs to acknowledge and decrease gender-based violence on the college campus.

Women Helping Women

Women Helping Women is an organization focused on helping women suffering from abuse with emphasis on domestic violence, sexual assault and stalking. They also offer assistance to men and those in the LBBTQ community.

Futures Without Violence

Futures Without Violence is an organization that provides helpful information on dealing with gender-based violence as well as how to put an action plan into motion.

Preventing Gender-Based Violence Among Adolescents and Young Adults: Lessons From 25 Years of Program Development and Evaluation

This article by the Violence Against Women offers evidence-based information on how to prevent gender-based violence in adolescents, teens and young women.

Reproductive Health Resources:

Reproductive Health Resources

College Resources and Sexual Health

The Maternal & Child Health Department of Health Resources & Service Administration offers a scholarly article regarding sexual health and well-being among college students.

Reproductive Health and Community College Students: Building Momentum toward Holistic Approaches to Student Success

Institute for Women’s Policy Research site provides information on reproductive health access for college students and refers to holistic approaches as positive steps.

FDA.gov: College Women’s Health

U.S. Food & Drug Administration offers a site filled with helpful topics for women, including reproductive health, medication safety, beauty, sun safety and general health issues.

Addressing Sexual and Reproductive Health on College Campuses

This site, called Power to Decide, offers information to college students regarding sexual and reproductive health and programs they offer to students.

Beyond the Pill research finds community college students need better birth control education

Beyond the Pill, a publication through the University of California San Francisco, offers articles, training and education programs on contraceptive care.


American College Health Association (ACHA) is a site that offers college students information and resources on sexual reproduction, sexual health and behaviors.

Birth Control Options for University Students

Health University of Utah offers birth control options and help to university students as well as training tools to provide additional education on sexual issues.

Mental Health Treatment

College Students: Mental Health Problems and Treatment Considerations

The U.S. National Library of Medicine offers information on the prevalence of mental health problems with college students and offers help to college students regarding mental health issues and possible treatment options.

Mayo Clinic

This informational site by the Mayo Clinic offers valuable information on mental health problems, including symptoms, diagnosis and determining different kinds of mental health problems.

Mental Health Treatments

Mental Health America offers information on mental health treatments, including support groups, inpatient care centers and various professionals available.


National Alliance on Mental Illness offers a wide variety of information on mental health issues, including treatments, symptoms and warning signs.


Mind for Better Mental Health is an online site that offers an A-Z list of anything related to mental health issues.

Medline Plus

MedlinePlus, a department of the U.S. National Library of Medicine, offers mental health information, including who is at risk, symptoms, types of mental disorders and what can cause them.

National Institute of Mental Health

The National Institute of Mental Health provides an overview of mental health medications, including side effects, different types of medication and what to expect.


World Health Organization is a worldwide organization that offers tons of information on mental health issues such as depression, bipolar disorder and dementia, among others.


This site by the American College Health Association provides information on Covid vaccines, student interventions and dealing with behavior changes through webinars and training programs.

Multicultural Associations:


The National Asian American Pacific Islander Mental Health Association is an organization committed to raising the awareness of mental health issues in the Asian American Pacific Islander community.

Asian American Psychological Association

The Asian American Psychological Association strives to educate the community members on mental health issues through education, research and practice.


The National Asian Pacific American Families Against Substance Abuse is an organization that offers information on abuse and addiction issues, including drugs, gambling and even secondhand smoke avoidance.

American Society of Hispanic Psychiatry

The American Society of Hispanic Psychiatry is an organization equipped with psychologists, psychiatrists, and other mental health professions working to help mental health patients.


The National Latinx Psychological Association is an organization of mental health professionals, students and researched aimed at providing help to and education the Latinx community about mental health issues.


The Association of Hispanic Mental Health Professionals is an organization of health professionals dedicated to educating the Hispanic community on mental health issues and providing them with the treatment they need.

Latino Mental Health – NAMI

This National Alliance on Mental Illness site is aimed at providing the Hispanic community with resources to help them deal with mental illness and learn about mental health issues.


National Latino Behavioral Health Association is a group of individuals committed to helping the Latino population get the medical help they need while also calling attention to the disparities in these communities.

Black Girls Smile

Black Girls Smile is an organization designed to help empower young black girls to be all that they can be in life.

Black Mental Health Alliance

Black Mental Health Alliance is an organization aimed at calling attention to anxiety, depression and similar mental health issues in the black community and ensuring the get the proper treatment.

In a Crisis:

National Suicide Prevention Helpline

The Suicide Prevention Lifeline is an online organization and a national network of centers where people contemplating suicide can call to get help and resources.

NAMI Helpline

This National Alliance on Mental Illness site discusses this network of professionals aimed at providing help to individuals suffering from mental health issues and also offers a hotline people can call.

National Domestic Violence Hotline

The National Domestic Violence Hotline is a site and an organization that people suffering from domestic violence can call for help. The site also offers helpful information.

Crisis Textline

Crisis Text Line is a site that offers a number where people can text for help if they’re in a crisis. This group is run by volunteers.

National Sexual Assault Hotline

The Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network is a nationwide hotline service people can call if they’ve been raped or abused. Assistance in their local area will be directed to their location.

Suicide Hotlines by State

Suicide.org is a site that provides information on where someone in the United States can call if they’re experiencing suicidal tendencies or know someone who is suicidal.

International Suicide Hotlines

Suicide.org is a site that provides information on where someone can call if they’re experiencing suicidal tendencies, and this site is for both the U.S. and international areas.

LBGTQ – Specific Resources


This National Alliance on Mental Illness offers information on the challenges faced by members of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer and Intersexed community and ways they can better cope.

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT)

The Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration provides a variety of health resources and training programs for those in the LBGTQ to make their lives easier and healthier.

The Trevor Project

The Trevor Project is a group of trained counselors available to help LGBTQ individuals who are anxious, suicidal or in need or professional help.