The 10 Best Degrees for Single Moms

The 10 Best Degrees for Single Moms

Are you a single mom in need of a better-paying job? Do you feel the need to enhance your education so you can present a great resume? The good news is that there are several different degrees single moms can earn, and these degrees can really improve their chances of finding good jobs.

If you’re like many other single moms, you’re probably busy enough as it is just with taking care of your children and the household. The idea of adding even more to your schedule may sound daunting. Being a single mom can be very challenging. The idea of going to college may seem like an impossible goal.

Have you considered online degrees? More and more schools are offering online degrees. The biggest benefit is that you can earn your degree in your home at your convenience.

Whether it’s while your children are sleeping or in school, you have the option to study when it’s most convenient for you.

Online education is an excellent option if you have to work and can’t go to school while working. It’s a great option even if you don’t have to work. Below are some of the best degrees for single moms and those worth considering.

They all prepare students for lucrative careers, and many can be obtained online. The potential salaries are according to May 2021 reports by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS)

Best Degrees for Single Moms

Here’s a look at our picks for the best degrees for single moms, looking at potential salary upon earning the degree as one of the top considerations. We also looked at job availability and ease of getting the degree to make our selections.

1. Data Science

data science for single moms

If the idea of working with processed data, mathematics, and algorithms sounds interesting, a career as a data scientist might be a good choice. Single moms who feel they’re always doing math with their children might find this a very rewarding career. It’s also a career that offers many remote work jobs.

  • Jobs You Can Get with This Degree – With a data science bachelor’s degree, you might find jobs like data scientist, financial analyst, mathematician, data engineer, database administrator, or actuary.
  • Potential SalaryData scientists earned about $100,910 in 2021, while financial analysts earned $95,570; and mathematicians earned $96,280.

2. Computer Science

The computer science degree often appeals to not just single moms but other individuals as well because computer science is such a vast field. If you enjoy computers and want a job that consists of more than one task, the computer science degree may be the perfect choice for you. Single moms can benefit from this degree because most jobs not only pay very well but can also be done remotely.

  • Jobs You Can Get with This Degree –As a graduate with a bachelor’s degree in computer science, you’ll be qualified to work as a computer programmer, computer and information systems manager, network and computer systems administrator, software developer, web developer, software engineer, UX researcher, data scientist, database administrator, or cyber security analysts.
  • Potential Salary – There are many potential salaries with a computer science degree because of the large job pool it offers. Computer programmers earn an average annual wage of $93,000; computer and information systems managers earned about $159,010, and network and computer systems administrators earned about $80,600.

3. Software Engineering

If you’re looking for a degree that can be earned online and one that offers the opportunity to work remotely, a software engineering degree might be the perfect fit. As a software engineer, you’ll spend a lot of time on the computer designing, creating, and maintaining software programs. If the idea of creating online games or designing web pages sounds intriguing, this just might be the degree you want to pursue. This is also a good career option for single moms because they may be able to do freelance work at their convenience.

  • Jobs You Can Get with This Degree – Software engineering is a field that generally requires at least a bachelor’s degree. However, once you’ve earned this degree, you’ll have many potential jobs, including software developer, software engineer, game developer, computer support specialist, web developer, and cyber security analyst, among many others.
  • Potential Salary – With so many degree options, you’ll also find many different salaries. Software engineers and developers earn about $109,020; web developers earned around $78,300, and computer support specialists earned about $57,910.

4. Business

business mom

A business degree is another ideal degree for single moms because it offers so many different career opportunities and most of the degree options can be earned online. Some may require bachelor’s degrees, while others may require only an associate degree or even just relevant work experience.

  • Jobs You Can Get with This Degree – There are many business degrees a student may pursue, but the MBA is what typically comes to mind when we think of business degrees. Business degrees offer jobs in healthcare management, marketing, accounting, finance, human resources, and entrepreneurship, among many others.
  • Potential SalaryLoan officers earned about $63,380; human resource specialists earned $62,290; job analysis specialists earned $64,120, and personal financial advisors earned $94,170.

5. Accounting

Accounting offers various career opportunities and educational options. Candidates can earn a six-month certificate, an associate degree, or a bachelor’s degree, which is required to work as an accountant. This may very well be of the best degrees for single moms because it can be earned online, and it offers so many different job opportunities.

  • Jobs You Can Get with This Degree – Earning an accounting degree can open many doors for single moms. Depending on the degree level, you may find a job as an accounting assistant auditing clerk, bookkeeper, financial clerk, accounting clerk, financial analyst, or accountant.
  • Potential Salary – The BLS states that accountants earned an average wage of $83,980 as of May 2021, while bookkeepers and auditing clerks earned about $45,560.

6. Psychology

Psychology is a field that’s ideal for someone interested in helping those who need a little help in life. Many psychology positions require an advanced degree, although some may require a bachelor’s degree and licensure. Psychology alone offers various titles, such as counseling psychologist, industrial psychologist, and clinical psychologist to name a few.

  • Jobs You Can Get with This Degree – Psychology is a field that offers many career opportunities. Some popular jobs are therapist, behavior analyst, psychologist, coach, and home care aide.
  • Potential Salary – As of May 2021, psychologists earned an average annual wage of $81,040, while coaches earned $50,550, and home care aides earned $29,260.

7. Social Work

social work mom

While many social work jobs require a bachelor’s degree and certification, some positions, such as community health workers, may be possible with an associate degree. Most social work jobs involve work designed to help others.

  • Jobs You Can Get with This Degree – This degree offers jobs as social workers, social service specialists, counselors, community health workers, and probation offers, among others.
  • Potential SalarySocial workers earn about $50,390, while social service specialists earned about $39,100. The average wage for community health workers was $46,590.

8. English/Journalism

Depending on the degree level chosen, the graduate may find various career opportunities. Some (journalists and reporters) may require an associate’s or bachelor’s degree, while others (photographers) require only a high school diploma and relevant work experience.

  • Jobs You Can Get with This Degree – Journalism degrees offer many job opportunities whether you wish to work with a traditional newspaper, for an online journal, or in some other capacity. Possible jobs include reporter, news analyst, photographer, editor, and journalist.

9. Marketing

A marketing degree may be yet another of the best degrees for single moms because marketing is a field that offers so many opportunities. There is some sort of marketing in almost every area of our lives. This degree may also be earned online.

  • Jobs You Can Get with This Degree – A marketing degree can prepare students for jobs as marketing managers, marketing analysts, marketing specialists, marketing assistants, content marketers, social media marketing coordinators, or SEO specialists.
  • Potential SalaryMarketing specialists and market analysts earned an average wage of $76,080, and marketing managers earned about $153,440 per year.

10. Early Childhood Education

early childhood teacher mom

A graduate of an early childhood education degree will spend his or her time working with children of preschool age. The work may be in Head Start, in a daycare, or some other educational facility for young children. Many colleges offer these programs online as well as on campus.

  • Jobs You Can Get with This Degree – An early childhood education degree offers many job opportunities, including working as a teacher assistant, daycare worker, or preschool-age teacher. Some jobs may require only a high school diploma, while others require an associate degree or a bachelor’s degree.
  • Potential Salary – The average wage for preschool educators is $30,210, while childcare workers earned $27,490, and kindergarten and elementary school teachers earned $61,350.

best jobs for single moms infographic

Good Places to Work for Single Moms

As a single mom, you may feel that you don’t have the qualifications or education you need to find work. If you’re not sure what type of degree you want, or what type of work you can do, here are some options.

  • Healthcare – Healthcare facilities are constantly in need of more qualified people. Whether you choose to work in admissions, train to become a CNA, or find work in housekeeping, there are several options in healthcare either before, during, or after you get a degree. There are also many healthcare jobs available for those with a degree.
  • Working at a college or school – Schools are constantly in a shortage of not just teachers but also assistants to help them. Whether it’s working in the school’s office, working as a tutor, or working as a teacher’s assistant, there are many excellent job opportunities offered at colleges and other schools.
  • Remote work – Since the Covid pandemic, more and more workers are doing their work remotely. If you do a Google search for remote work, you’ll probably find many that meet your skills and can be done remotely. Working remotely is ideal for single moms.
  • Helping others –There are many ways you can earn a living, and helping others is a great option. Whether it’s babysitting, planning events, driving others to appointments, or walking their dogs, there are many ways you can help others and make an income.

Challenges for Single Moms Earning a Degree

The idea of earning a degree while being a single mom may sound very exciting, and it can be extremely exciting. However, it can also be very challenging. If you have young children not yet in school attending college on campus can be demanding because it requires daycare for the children. It also doesn’t allow for much time to do schoolwork and still be a full-time mom.

Many single moms choose to earn their degrees online so they can be at home with their children and still earn a degree. However, there are many challenges for single moms earning a degree, whether they choose to do it on campus or online.

  • Motivation – In order to be successful in your degree program, you need to have the motivation to attend virtual classes even if you don’t feel like it. Luckily, many online classes can be done at your leisure as long as you complete the program in the time that’s required.
  • Time – As a single mom, you probably already feel that you don’t have a spare minute left. You’ll need to make time for your studies while still trying to fit it into your child or children’s schedule. The one thing you need to avoid is overloading your already busy schedule.
  • Work – If you’re a single mom that has to work to make ends meet, earning a degree can be even more challenging. One suggestion is to select a program that allows you to choose when you can do the school and is not too demanding.

Earning a degree as a single mom can be very difficult, but the rewards of earning the degree are indescribable.