20 Best Accelerated Bachelor’s Degree Programs

Accelerated Bachelor's Degree Programs

Earning a degree is almost a must today. Most employees prefer to hire people who have a degree, and a bachelor’s degree is a great way to enhance your resume and improve your career opportunities. Unfortunately, many individuals don’t have the time to attend college full-time or don’t want to spend four or more years in college.

Accelerated bachelor’s degree programs can be the ideal solution. The fact that most accelerated bachelor’s degree programs are online programs makes it even better. Learn more about accelerated bachelor’s degree programs, what students will benefit the most, and what some of the best accelerated degree programs have to offer.

What are Accelerated Bachelor’s Degree Programs?

An accelerated bachelor degree program is a program that allows students to earn the degree much quicker than normal. Most students enrolled in traditional bachelor’s degree programs can expect to be in college for 4 to 5 years. Students in an accelerated bachelor degree program can earn the degree in 3 years or less.

Not all accelerated programs are the same. Some students who pursue an accelerated bachelor’s degree are even able to finish it in two years. Students may be required to complete some classes on campus, but most accelerated programs are usually offered either as hybrids or online programs. Although you can choose an accelerated program in many majors, they may not be offered for every major.

Students do need to realize that accelerated programs require more time and commitment because they’re cramming courses and material designed for a four-year program into a two to three-year program. Despite this, there are still several benefits to earning an accelerated bachelor’s degree program.

  • Students can save money on tuition and other college expenses.
  • Students are ready to take graduate-level courses much earlier.
  • Students can graduate a year or two sooner.
  • Graduates can start their careers and earn more income sooner.

Who Needs an Accelerated Bachelor’s Degree Program?

An accelerated bachelor’s degree program is ideal for any student interested in completing his or her education sooner rather than later. However, this degree is especially helpful for a variety of students.

  • Professionals who want to advance their education and careers find the accelerated program extremely beneficial. This group of people has the option of completing the program online while continuing to work.
  • Young students who want to join the workforce as soon as possible find this the ideal option.
  • Individuals who started college but didn’t finish, for one reason or another, typically find the accelerated bachelor degree program their solution.
  • The accelerated program is very convenient for adult students who want a degree.

20 Best Accelerated Bachelor’s Degree Programs

Here is a list of the 20 best accelerated bachelor’s degree programs as well as some information on each program, such as possible careers and wages, and why this degree is one of the best. It also lists the average annual salary for graduates according to a 2021 U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) report. These are all online programs.

1. Accounting

  • Students take courses in financial accounting, auditing principles, external reporting, and managerial accounting.
  • Potential careers include accountant ($77,250), financial analyst ($91,580), and personal financial advisor ($91,470).
  • What makes this degree the best is that it’s online, and it prepares students for employment in only a couple of years. It also offers many career options.

2. Business Administration

3. Communications

  • Possible courses include business communication, intro to rhetorical theory, communication theory, advanced public speaking, media and technology, and Intro to public relations.
  • Possible careers include public relations specialist ($62,800), editors ($63,350), and news analysts, reporters, and journalists ($48,370).
  • This is an easy degree to complete online. It also prepares students for many different jobs.

4. Computer Science

  • CS students may take courses in computer programming, data mining, machine learning, programming languages, information security, and digital media.
  • Potential careers include software developer ($120,730), computer programmer ($93,000), and computer support specialist ($57,910).
  • Computers are everywhere in our world today, and this degree is one of the best because it offers more career opportunities than one would imagine. Graduates can join the workforce upon graduation because it covers so many fields.

5. Criminal Justice

  • Criminal justice students may have courses in law, alcohol and drug abuse counseling, corrections, forensic investigation, criminology, policing, and private security.
  • Possible careers include police officer ($66,020), probation officer ($60,250), and social worker ($50,320).
  • Criminal justice is a great option for an accelerated program because it gets done quicker, which gives students time to complete police academy training, which is required for many criminal justice jobs. It’s also good because it provides students with the knowledge to branch out into various areas of law enforcement.

6. Education

  • Courses might include education and public policy, comparative education, human resources, creating classroom culture, educational psychology and human development, and elementary school teaching.
  • Potential jobs include human resources specialist ($62,290), kindergarten and elementary school teacher ($61,350), and public relations specialists ($62,800).
  • An accelerated education degree is best because student teachers can complete the training sooner and begin teaching sooner. It is a very convenient program for online students. It offers careers other than just teaching.

7. Finance

  • Finance courses include marketing, accounting, investing and management, profit and loss statements, and securities and commodities.
  • Possible jobs include business teacher ($108,160), accountant ($77,250), and financial manager ($131,710)
  • This accelerated degree is good because it can be taken 100% online. Many of these programs are affordable and offer various job opportunities after graduation.

8. Healthcare Administration

  • Students will have courses like health policy and law, electronic health records, foundational ethical theories, healthcare management, and public health agencies.
  • Possible jobs after graduation include medical and health services manager ($101,340), human resources manager ($126,230), and health information technologist ($55,560).
  • This is a very good degree option because healthcare professionals are highly in demand, and this program prepares students for many careers in the healthcare field. Other than a possible internship, most courses are online.

9. History

  • History courses include the historian’s craft, methods of historical inquiries, studies in European history, United States history, and global history.
  • Potential career opportunities include journalists ($48,370), librarians ($64,770), and historians ($72,900).
  • This is a great choice for history buffs interested in jumpstarting their careers in a variety of directions. These accelerated programs are fully online.

10. Information Technology

  • Students take courses like software design and development, information technology, computer programming, cloud technologies, and fundamentals of networking.
  • Possible jobs include computer support specialist ($57,910), network and computer systems specialist ($97,160), and information security analyst ($102,600).
  • Like computer science, information technology (IT) is a popular and great choice because information technology is used everywhere every day. The accelerated programs are offered 100% online and offer several areas of concentration. Career opportunities are plentiful.

11. Liberal Arts

  • Liberal arts students may have courses like health science, business, humanities, and communications.
  • Possible jobs after graduation include technical writer ($78,060), high school teacher ($61,820), training and development manager ($120,130), and public relations specialist ($62,800).
  • This is a good choice for an accelerated bachelor’s degree program because students can choose the online option, join the workforce quicker, and choose from several concentrations. There are also many affordable liberal arts programs. Many of the career options are well-paying jobs.

12. Management

  • Management programs may include courses like marketing strategy, business decision-making, organizational leadership, financial accounting, and business management.
  • Possible careers include social and community service manager ($74,000), project management specialist ($94,500), and human resources manager ($126,230).
  • This is a great degree option because they can be all online. Management offers various career options in many industries and businesses. The accelerated program also offers several areas of concentration.

13. Marketing

  • Students may take courses in marketing strategy, digital marketing, product management, global marketing, and business.
  • Possible careers include jobs as a market research analyst ($77,880), marketing manager ($158,280), and advertising sales agent ($52,340).
  • Marketing is everywhere in our world, and an accelerated marking undergraduate degree prepares students for many business-related careers. It’s an easy and affordable program for online learning, and it offers a few different concentrations.

14. Nursing

  • Students may take courses in microbiology, pharmacology, health assessment, human anatomy and physiology, evidence-based practice, and pathophysiology.
  • Possible careers include jobs as a registered nurse ($77,600), health education specialist and community health worker ($48,860), and medical and health services manager ($127,980).
  • Licensed nurses are in demand everywhere. An accelerated bachelor’s degree will allow the student to seek employment sooner. Other than any required clinical, students can complete a nursing program online. This program also offers various areas of specialization.

15. Psychology

  • Students may take courses in psychological therapies, group dynamics, research and statistics, human development, and physiology.
  • Possible careers include jobs as social and community service manager ($74,000), psychiatric technician and aid ($38,620), and substance abuse, behavioral disorder and mental health counselor ($48,520).
  • With more people seeking psychological help, psychology is a growing field. An accelerated psychology program can help the student join this field sooner. These are often offered online or as hybrids. Graduates cannot become licensed clinical social workers with this degree but are qualified for many positions in the psychology field.

16. Social Work

17. Graphic Design

  • Students may take courses in graphic design, principles of design, computerized design, studio design, and website art.
  • Possible careers include jobs as a graphic designer ($50,710), desktop publisher ($46,910), and web developer and digital designer ($78,300).
  • Online graphic design bachelor’s degree programs are affordable, flexible and offer students great career options. There are several accelerated programs offered at many colleges.

18. Public Relations

19. Counseling

20. Digital Photography

  • Students may take courses in photography fundamentals, lighting, professional photography, digital photography, building a portfolio, and camera selections.
  • Possible careers include jobs as a photographer ($38,950), film and video editor and camera operator ($60,360), and news analysts, reporters, and journalists ($48,370)
  • Photography is a fun program and one that can lead to jobs requiring artists, designers, and photographers. It’s also an online program with affordable tuition.

Next Steps

Enrolling in a bachelor’s degree program is your next step. You should inquire with a few different schools and find the one that is the best for your schedule.