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College Educated was founded on the principles that everyone deserves a college education, and that college should be accessible and in reach for anyone who wants to attend. On College Educated, you’ll find scholarship information, career resources, school and program rankings and advice on what it takes to enroll and succeed in the college of your choice.

Editorial Team

Sasha Lind

Sasha Lind is the Managing Editor of College Educated. A product of state schools, Sasha earned her BA in Communication and writes on college enrollment, financial aid, Ivy League schools and community colleges.

When she’s not creating content, Sasha enjoys pilates, dancing, traveling, and watching sports.

Eric Moore

Jared is a longtime enrollment advisor and web development expert, specializing in the non-traditional student, helping them transition from community college to a bachelor’s degree. With College Educated, Jared’s focus is on creating partnerships that allow more and more prospective students to find out about their college choices.

Kendra Sette

Kendra Sette is a Higher Education expert writer for College Educated focusing on topics in and out of the classroom. Her work has appeared in other top education publications, such as CSU Global, Empowerly and the National Association of High School Scholars. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies from the University of Central Florida, and an AA in Business Administration from Palm Beach State College.

Rebekah Pierce 

Rebekah Pierce is a former teacher and a full-time freelance writer in upstate NY. She specializes in content related to agriculture, education, business, and marketing. In addition to her background as a teacher, Rebekah has also worked in college admissions and continues to write regularly in this niche.


Kelly Bach, RN, Seattle Children’s Hospital

Kim Gilbert, APRN

Sarah Briggs, RN

Reginald Adams, HR

Gerald Stanley, Instructional Designer, Pearson Education

Contributing Experts and Reviewers

Lindsay Stuiber

Lindsay Stuiber is an HR and Talent executive with experience in the consumer tech, ed-tech and recently luxury consumer brand start ups. She’s managed high performing teams for 15 years and is passionate about efficient and equitable hiring, performance management and culture systems. Outside of work she spends her time on visual art, enjoying the outdoors and collecting rescue animals.

Jennifer Foust

Jennifer holds a bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education and a Master of Education in Early Childhood Special Education and specializes in working with childhood on the Autism spectrum. Her career has spanned working as a classroom teacher in early intervention preschool programs, a habilitation therapist and one-on-one with individuals. Jennifer reviews and contributes to the education content on College Educated for accuracy,

Past Contributors and Experts

Anna Yen

Anna Yen, CFA, has nearly 2 decades of experience specializing in derivatives, wealth management, and alternative investments. A former equity derivatives director at UBS, Anna is currently an investor and financial wellness expert at FamilyFi. Her bilingual podcast Chinese Star Tales features storytelling and songs told with her daughter. Anna actively supports the special needs community and is blessed with a daughter with Down Syndrome. She’s worked in 5 countries and visited 57.

Hunter K., Washington

Hunter holds both a Bachelor’s and a Master’s in Anthropology, and contributed to our section on Forensic Science.

Data Sources

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