Easiest Bachelor’s Degrees

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We’re hearing more and more about the importance of getting a degree. In fact, evidence points to losing out on money and opportunity if you don’t earn at least a bachelor’s degree. You’ll have better job choices, and you’ll most likely earn more money. A degree will open more possibilities to you. If you are already on the fence about earning a degree, then you may want to research the easiest bachelor’s degrees to accomplish your goal without too much stress. If you have less credits, finding an easy associate’s degree is a great way to start..

Earn a Bachelor’s Degree

Once you’ve decided you want to earn a degree, your next decision is which degree you should pursue. You can choose between an associate, bachelor, master, or doctoral degree. They all offer something different as far as career goals and areas of interest.

Of all the possible degree levels, the bachelor’s degree always seems to come out on top in terms of popularity and return on investment among students. There are several reasons why you might want to get a bachelor’s degree.

  • Earnings – Having a bachelor’s degree, even if it’s one of the easiest bachelor’s degrees, can increase your earning potential. In most cases, an individual with a bachelor’s degree will earn substantially more than an employee with just a high school diploma.
  • Benefits – Most individuals with bachelor’s degrees can seek full-time employment, which usually includes benefits for you and your family. A good benefits package is equivalent to a couple of dollars more per hour in wages.
  • More opportunities – An employee with a bachelor’s degree will generally find more career opportunities than someone without a degree.
  • Better job security – An employee with a bachelor’s degree is typically more valuable to an employee because they gave more knowledge and skills needed for the job, which can offer them more job security. The unemployment rate is much higher for those with just a high school diploma than one with a bachelor’s degree according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).
  • Satisfaction – Having a bachelor’s degree gives employees a feeling of satisfaction because they know this degree can make them an important part of the workforce. If they’re not happy on the job, a bachelor’s degree can be valuable in finding a different job.

Benefits of Going After an Easy Bachelor’s Degree

Earning one of the easiest bachelor’s degrees can be very beneficial for several reasons. Obviously, the easier the degree, the less time and effort it will take to complete the degree program. The quicker you can earn the degree, the less it will cost you in tuition and fees. This is especially true with online degrees, and some of the easiest bachelor’s degrees are offered online. Lastly, the earlier you earn the degree, the sooner you’ll be able to join the workforce and start your career.

How to Find the Easiest Bachelor’s Degrees

When students choose to earn a bachelor’s degree, they often look for the easiest bachelor’s degree because it will cost less money and will be easier and quicker to complete. Online bachelor’s degrees tend to be much easier than traditional brick-and-mortar degree programs – not because the curriculum is easier, but people find it easier to manage work and school and other commitments when they go online.

It should be noted, however, that regardless of what bachelor’s degree you choose, there will still be work and time involved. When choosing a bachelor’s degree, certain things must be considered.

  • What is the GPA requirement? – Schools and programs that require a lower GPA are generally easier.
  • Is the degree offered online? Online bachelor’s degree programs offer more convenience and flexibility.
  • Is the school accredited? Choosing a degree from an accredited school will help you when you’re seeking employment.
  • Does the program require on-site internships or field experiences? Even online programs may require you to complete supervised internships, which may involve travel or you having to find a location convenient for you.
  • How long does it take to complete? Online bachelor’s degree programs can take from two to four years or more to complete. Research the program’s duration prior to choosing the program.
  • What is the cost? Schools vary in their tuition and fees. Finding an affordable program may involve time and research.

If you already have a good idea of what field you want to pursue, finding the right bachelor’s degree will be even easier. Here is a list of ten of the easiest bachelor’s degrees along with some helpful information on each of them.

Because this list is comprised of some of the easiest bachelor’s degree programs, you may find that things, like the admission requirements or time to complete, are very similar from program to program. However, they may also vary from program to program so be sure to double-check these things.

10 Top Easy Bachelor’s Degree

1. Education

  • Admission Requirements: Must have a high school diploma or GED. Some schools require the student to take the ACT or SAT.
  • Curriculum: Education programs include courses in growth and development; health and physical education; technology; multicultural education; and foundations of literacy. In addition to completing online courses, students may have to complete an in-classroom practical experience as per the state requirements.
  • Time to Graduate: Online students can graduate in three to four years.
  • What Makes it Easier: Online education degrees are often easier because they focus more on educational theory and practice and less on science or math courses. If offered by the school, accelerated online programs make it easier.

2. Psychology

  • Admission Requirements: High school diploma or equivalent; at least two letters of recommendation; personal statement of intent; ACT or SAT; proof of immunization
  • Curriculum: This program includes courses in analysis and statistics as well as social science, research, and psychology-based courses.
  • Time to Graduate: These programs can be completed in three to four years. Some schools do offer accelerated online programs that can be completed in much less time.
  • What Makes it Easier: Psychology programs offer various areas of specialization so students can focus on their area of interest rather than wasting time on areas that do not interest them. The flexible schedule allows students to work while they’re learning.

3. Criminal Justice

  • Admission Requirements: Criminal justice programs have fewer admission requirements than other programs. Requirements may vary by school, but most require a high school diploma with a high school GPA of at least 2.0; must not need more than one developmental course; associate degree if a transfer student
  • Curriculum: This program offers various areas of concentration, so the curriculum may vary by concentration. Typical courses include corrections, homeland security, law enforcement, civil law, forensics, and criminal justice.
  • Time to Graduate: Criminal justice programs usually take about four years to complete with online programs generally taking the same amount of time. Graduates of criminal justice programs may find work in various areas of law enforcement.
  • What Makes it Easier: This degree offers more hands-on study and less studying and reading, which makes it an easier degree to earn. Criminal justice bachelor’s degree programs are available both online and on campus.

4. English

  • Admission Requirements: Most English programs require a high school diploma or GED with a specific GPA; an official transcript; two letters of recommendation; the purpose of intent
  • Curriculum: In addition to general education courses, the online English programs include courses like contemporary literature; rhetoric and theory; research; science; reading; history; cultural commentary; and British literature among others. Students may also be required to complete research and analysis papers.
  • Time to Graduate: With full-time study, this online program can be completed in two to four years.
  • What Makes it Easier: One thing that makes this degree easier is that it involves a lot of reading and analyzing and very little science and math work, which is a plus for many students. The program can also be finished completely online.

5. Creative Writing

  • Admission Requirements: Applicants should have a high school diploma or a GPA with a specific GPA and must submit an application. They may also be required to take an entrance exam.
  • Curriculum: Course topics may include reading/writing; playwriting; context of writing; cultural studies; plays; journalism, digital writing; English/grammar; and literacy theory. Many of these programs require the students to complete or attend workshops to enhance their creative writing skills.
  • Time to Graduate: The time to graduate depends on the student’s commitment, but anywhere from two to four years is normal for creative writing online undergraduate programs.
  • What Makes it Easier: Several things make creative writing a good choice for an online bachelor’s degree program. They’re 100 percent online programs that allow students to work at their own pace. If you enjoy writing, you’ll love this online program.

6. Healthcare Administration

  • Admission Requirements: There are many different healthcare administration bachelor’s degree programs, so the admission requirements may vary. Typical admission requirements include a high school diploma or associate degree; an official transcript; application fees; college essays; letters of recommendation; test scores; and a resume.
  • Curriculum: Course topics include health psychology, healthcare management; health informatics; healthcare delivery; and medical terminology. Courses will vary by the health program chosen. Depending on the program, students may have to complete an internship in their area.
  • Time to Graduate: Online health admin bachelor’s degree programs generally can be completed in two to four years but accelerated programs can almost cut this time in half.
  • What Makes it Easier: One thing that makes it easier is that there are so many areas of concentration in the health field so students can almost customize their curriculum to their area of interest and not spend time on courses that are not applicable to their major. Health bachelor’s degrees can also be used as foundations for advanced education. These programs focus more on theory than on analysis, lab work, or statistics, which makes them easier for many students.

7. Communication

  • Admission Requirements: Applicants should show proof of high school diploma or equivalency or an associate degree with a GPA. They may also be required to take an entrance exam.
  • Curriculum: Courses might include journalism; speech writing; public relations; human resources; web content creation, and human resources.
  • Time to Graduate: Online communication bachelor’s degree programs can be completed in as little as 18 months or as long as four years. The student’s commitment usually dictates how long it will take to graduate.
  • What Makes it Easier: This degree comes with many choices in careers, including marketing, news media, journalism, and more. This makes it easier for the student to customize the courses to meet the career goal. There is usually no field work required.

8. Music

  • Admission Requirements: Must have a high school diploma or associate degree with a GPA of 3.0 or higher; must apply and may be required to submit a DVD of music if required for the program.
  • Curriculum: Courses teach students how to read and write music; how to sing; how to record music, and how to differentiate the different music genres. They may also be required to complete a performance at the end of the program or do a thesis.
  • Time to Graduate: Students studying full-time can earn a bachelor’s in music in less than three years.
  • What Makes it Easier: Students in an online music program are not required to take science or math courses, which may be difficult for some. They are also not required to do a lot of reading or writing. The online courses make it easier for students to work at their own pace.

9. Humanities

  • Admission Requirements: High school diploma or equivalency with required GPA; must submit application and may be required to take SAT, ACT or similar entrance exams.
  • Curriculum: This comprehensive interdisciplinary program offers courses like Romans; philosophy; communication studies; foreign offices, critical thinking; English, and more. Courses may vary by school or program.
  • Time to Graduate: Humanities bachelor’s degree programs can be completed in two to four years depending on how much time the student can and does put into studies.
  • What Makes it Easier: What makes this program the easiest is that it is 100 percent online with no internship requirements. Students can complete their assignments at their convenience.

10. Social Work

  • Admission Requirements: High school diploma or GED with required GPA; official transcript.
  • Curriculum: Course topics like substance abuse counseling; social welfare policy; generalist social work practice; mental health perspectives; social work research; and basic pharmacology. Some programs may require the student to attend a social work seminar or complete some field experience. These are the only requirements of the program that are not online.
  • Time to Graduate: Bachelor’s in social work programs usually take four years to complete, but online students can take less or more time to finish the program. Some schools also offer accelerated programs.
  • What Makes it Easier: There are so many jobs a social worker with a bachelor’s degree can get so the program can be easier because the student can pick the courses based on his or her area of interest. Social work programs may be completed 100 percent online.

Next Steps

Earning a bachelor’s degree comes with some effort, even if you choose the easiest option out there. However, the benefits outweigh any downsides, so get started today!