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Asian American and Pacific Islander college students can face unique challenges as they go through college. As an AAPI student, you may encounter different pressures, racism, academic expectations, and societal and home experiences that are different from your peers.

asian students make up 8 percent of the population

This resource looks at everything an AAPI student may experience while in college, from the history of AAPI students and their place in American history, to campus and national resources to help you get through a mental health crisis. We hope you find something useful here, and if you see anything we have left out, please let us know. 

AAPI History Activism and Identifiers

In 1968, These Activists Coined the Term ‘Asian American’—And Helped Shape Decades of Advocacy

TIME takes a look back at the term Asian American to see what advocates meant when they coined it and what it means today.

Asian Americans – PBS 

Watch any of the episodes of this series that PBS streams to learn more about the experiences Asian Americans had in the past.

Why It’s Time to Retire the Term ‘Asian Pacific Islander’

This article from The Seattle Times looks at the issues associated with the AAPI term and why some experts believe it no longer applies.

Asian Heritage Month – What’s in a Name? 

Check out this article before, during, or after Asian Heritage Month to see why some of the cultural terms are used to identify people and what they mean. 

Census Data and API Identities 

Find AAPI census data recorded by the federal government during the last census here as well as the different cultures within the group. 

AAPI and the Problems of Categorizing Race 

Available from NPR, this article looks at the issues associated with the AAPI label such as how some people don’t fit into that category. 

The Importance of Asian American Identity for Asian Americans 

Tiffany J. Huang looks at the origin of the Asian American label and why some still view it as an important part of their identity today. 

The Impact of Racial Identity, Ethnic Identity, Asian Values and Race-Related Stress on Asian Americans and Asian International College Students’ Psychological Well-Being 

In this article, you’ll learn more about how AAPI identity relates to the well-being of college students. 

Asian American and Pacific Islander Identity

Citizenship and Social Justice created this page to talk about when Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders go through different stages of awareness. 

After 50 Years of Asian American, Advocates Say the Term Is More Essential Than Ever

NBC News takes a detailed look at what some of the experts in the field think and why they believe cultural identity is so essential.

Social Exclusion and Political Identity: The Case of Asian American Partisanship

Available from the University of Chicago Press Journals, this article looks at how AAPI identities can exclude some from the world of politics.

What it Means to Be Asian in America

See what it means to be Asian in the United States today as you read about the experiences that others had in recent years.

Asian Americans’ Ethnic Identity Exploration and the Role of Ethnic Community in a Southern City in the United States 

The minds behind this journal article looked at Asian Americans in a specific city and the experiences they had in the South.

Second Generation Asian American Pan-Ethnic Identity: Pluralized Meanings of a Racist Label

Jerry Z. Park based this paper on the experiences that AAPI people had as the second generation of Americans in their families.

A Different Asian American Timeline 

AA Timeline goes back nearly 600 years to help others understand the roles of Asian Americans in the history of the US and other regions.

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Asians in the Ivory Tower: Dilemmas of Racial Inequality in American Higher Education. Multicultural Education Series 

Robert Teranishi uses his experiences to talk about the inequality found in colleges today, especially among AAPI students.

New Surveys of Asian Americans Show Persistent Racism and Hardship

A survey released in honor of AAPI Heritage Month found that participants experienced more racism than expected. 

Asian American and Pacific Islander Students and the Institutions that Serve Them

Robert Teranishi discusses the schools that offer programs for AAPI students and what makes them stand out in this article. 

The Changing Demography of the United States and Implications for Education Policy

This article looks at how the higher education demography changed and what it means for the future. 

Space and Place at Asian American and Pacific Islander–Serving Community Colleges

Find out more about community colleges and what they do to serve AAPI students. 

Asian American and Native American Pacific Islander Serving Institutions (AANAPISIs): Serving and Advocating for the Educational Needs of Southeast Asian American Students

In this journal article, you’ll learn about the needs of AAPI students and what schools can do for them.

The Impact of Social Capital on the Access, Adjustment, and Success of Southeast Asian American College Students 

From the Journal of College Student Development, this piece focuses on what it means to help AAPI students succeed in today’s world.

Stereotype Threat on Asian American College Students

Discover more about the stereotypes associated with AAPI students and how those stereotypes affect them in this article.

National Commission on Asian American and Pacific Islander Research in Education 

Several members of Congress created this commission to talk about the need for AAPI research in higher education.

AAPIs in the College Access Debate

Oiyan A. Poon wrote this research paper on the subject of communication and generation gaps in schools that help AAPI students. 

Model Minority Myth

A Preliminary Report on a New Measure

This report focuses on the internalized myths that AAPI students carry with them and how those myths affect them.

Gaps in the Debate About Asian Americans and Affirmative Action at Harvard

See some of the gaps found at Harvard, especially in relation to affirmative action and what it means for AAPI students. 

A University Student’s Perspective on the Model Minority Myth 

An Asian American student created this paper to talk about their experiences in higher education.

Debunking the Model Minority Myth 

Take a better look at the model minority myth in this article which also looks at how to debunk it.

The Model Minority Myth

Giselle W. Chow takes a detailed look at the model minority myth in this piece and what it means for the AAPI experience.

A+ Does Not Mean All Asians

This PDF shows education needs some major changes to support AAPI students who come from different backgrounds.

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Asian American and Pacific Islander Students Fact Sheet

This fact sheet includes statistics and figures on the number of AAPI students in college programs today and other important information.

Key Facts and Figures on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders 

Find facts and figures on AAPI students in the nation today from this White House site run by the Initiative on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders.

Asian American First-Generation College Students

The AAPA created this fact sheet as a way to look at common myths and the truth behind them such as that all Asian Americans are the same.

TV PSA – Depression 

This helpful site includes links to resources for AAPI people who struggle with depression or know someone who does.

The Asian American Education Project

Check out this site to find lesson plans, projects for professional development, and other resources for AAPI teachers and others.

Asian Americans Advancing Justice

The AAAJ hosts a youth leadership summit every year for AAPI students and includes helpful information for those who want to enroll.

Increasing Inclusivity for Undocumented API Students on Your Campus

Immigrants Rising created this page as a way to help teachers and other educators learn how to welcome and support API students.

Understanding a Pacific Islander Young Adult Perspective on Access to Higher Education

The men and women behind this article look at the limited access AAPI students have and what colleges can do to change this.

AAAJ Chicago

This branch of AAAJ helps those living in and around Chicago through programs that tackle advocacy, leadership, and other subjects. 

Asian American Racial Justice Toolkit

Discover some great resources and info in this toolkit that focuses on the racial injustice that AAPI students face in today’s schools.

Challenging Anti-Asian Bias and Acting as an Ally

See what you can do to challenge the status quo and become an ally to Asian Americans who need help from others in and out of school.

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NAPAWF tackles uncomfortable topics such as abortion rights and helps the AAIP community take action in their cities and towns.

Stop AAPI Hate

This organization gained more attention during COVID-19 as it focuses on stopping the hate and stereotypes associated with AAPI people. 

Coalition of Asian American Leaders

The CAAL believes that diversity is an asset that gives the community its power and hosts programs to foster that way of thinking. 


Join the AAPA to find fact sheets and other resources as well as receive invites to attend any of its big annual events. 


The APALA believes that racial equality is a right and runs programs to decrease the racial divide in specific cities and across the nation. 

AAPI Youth Rising

Younger people can join AAPI Youth Rising to learn more about their culture and find unique resources like one-day education lessons. 


This coalition has different networks for immigrants and others who want to join or take part in its policy change programs and others. 

South Asian Network 

SAN offers several programs to help members increase civic engagement, improve their mental health, and get help after violent attacks. 


EPIC believes in empowering Pacific Islanders through policy changes, research, leadership development, and advocacy. 


SPIO offers free resources for anyone who visits the official website that let visitors search for help in their cities or countries. 


NQAPIA is one of the biggest organizations devoted to LGBTQ+ people who also identify as AAPI and need help at any level.

Anti-Racism Resources 

Bystander Intervention Trainings 

The AAAJ hosts free training programs that show members how to prevent and stop racism against AAPI people in their communities. 

From BTS to Britain, Anti-Asian Racism Gets New Attention Outside the U.S. 

An author for The Wall Street Journal discusses how anti-Asian racism is on the rise in other nations and how it compares to the United States.

America’s Long History of Scapegoating Its Asian Citizen 

From the growth of racism during COVID-19 to recent years, this article shows why so many people blame Asian Americans for common problems. 

The James Byrd Jr. Center to Stop Hate 

This Center is one of the biggest in the world to focus on ending the hatred and racism against Asian Americans in the modern era. 

Chinese for Affirmative Action 

Find out how you can join this organization and take part in its programs to end racism when you visit the official website. 

Most Americans Lack Knowledge of Historic Racism Against Asian Americans, AAPI Activist Say 

PBS News shared this video on YouTube that allows an activist to talk about the lack of racism education in the US, especially against Asian Americans.

Asian American Communities Organize Against Rise in Hate Crimes, Say More Policing Is Not the Answer 

In this article from Democracy Now, the author looks at some of the ways to prevent racism and why policing is seldom a good answer. 

How To Start Conversations About Anti-Asian Racism With Your Family 

Code Switch and NPR provide readers with some tips on how they can talk about racist issues with their loved ones and hopefully change their way of thinking. 

Right to Be Asian 

Both free training and private training sessions are available from this organization, which strives to help Asians take pride in their shared heritage. 

Anti-Asian Racism Resource Guide for Families with Children, Young Adults or Elders 

The Parenting Asian American Project created a list of resources to help parents talk with their children and others about stopping racism. 

Combat Hate Crime Resources 

This page offers a variety of resources to hopefully get people talking about hate crimes in the US and why they need to stop. 

Anti-Asian Hate Resources 

Find links to toolkits in different languages that help you talk about racism and combat it with others in a way they can understand. 

#WeKeepUsSafe: APALA’s Resource Guide on Anti-Asian Violence  

The APALA offers a list of ways others can keep their communities safe on this page along with links to toolkits and other online resources. 

The Southeast Asian Anti-Racism Toolkit 

Though this toolkit comes from a group in New York, it includes help that anyone can use if they want to prevent racism against Asians. 

Stop DiscriminAsian 

The SDA consists of volunteers who take steps to end racism against Asian Americans and offers free help for those who want to sign up. 

Mental Health 

Mental Health Among Asian-Americans 

A doctoral candidate produced this APA piece that looks at some of the mental health challenges facing Asian-American today. 

Asian American / Pacific Islander Communities and Mental Health 

Created by Mental Health America, this page includes mental health statistics and takes a look at some of the common Asian stereotypes and societal issues facing them. 

Why Asian Americans Don’t Seek Help for Mental Illness 

Find out why less than 9% of the Asian-Americans in the country today seek help for their mental health challenges such as the stigma they feel from their family and friends. 

Mental and Behavioral Health – Asian Americans 

The Office of Minority Health looks at some of the emotions and feelings among AAPI people today and how those emotions affect their mental health and lead to issues like depression. 

Asian American Mental Health: A Call to Action 

This journal article from the APA looks at recent findings regarding mental health among the AAPI population and why it serves as a call that professionals need to help. 

Asian American Mental Health: What We Know and What We Don’t Know 

You’ll get a good look at what professionals know about Asian American mental health today as well as what they don’t know and why this gap exists. 

Barriers to Providing Effective Mental Health Services to Asian Americans 

While it can take some time to read through, this article takes a detailed look at the barriers that keep Asian Americans from seeking help and others that prevent professionals from reaching out. 

How the Mental Health System Fails Asian Americans — And How to Help 

The California Health Report released this article Grace Galletti wrote after talking with Asian Americans about why they didn’t get the mental health support they needed. 

Asian American and Pacific Islander

NAMI looks at social stigmas and other barriers like immigration and research challenges that prevent those in the AAPI community from seeking help. 

Gaps in Mental Health Care for Asian and Pacific Islander People and Other People of Color 

This article looks at how the barriers for AAPI patients and other minorities are greater than those for white patients 

Mental Health Resources

Asian Do Therapy

Asians Do Therapy offers resources to reduce the stigma associated with mental health and give AAPI visitors more access to the help they need.

South Asian Therapists 

This website gives visitors a convenient way to find therapists across the country who are South Asian or have experience with South Asian patients. 

We Are Project Lotus 

A group of Asian Americans came together to create this site that includes webinars and other mental health support for those in need. 

South Asian Mental Health Initiative & Network 

Find a provider in your area through this website or sign up for one of the special programs like those designed for South Asian youths. 


This association gives visitors an easy way to find AAPI therapists working in their regions as well as grants, fact sheets, and other resources. 

Asian American & Pacific Islander Mental Health Resources 

Discover tons of resources through this PDF file that includes links to online and local therapists as well as AAPI support groups. 

Asian/Pacific Islander LGBTQ Youth Mental Health 

Available from the Trevor Project, this page includes statistics on AAPI mental health issues and information on what the future holds. 

SAMHSA National Helpline 

This page from the US Department of Health & Human Services gives visitors a toll-free number they can call when they need mental health help. 


Self Evident: Asian America’s Stories 

Ancestral grief and learning from their parents are some of the cultural subjects broached in this podcast. 


Foretold comes from Paulina Stevens who was a teenage bride and later struggled with her cultural identity while being a wife and mother.

Long Distance 

Paola Mardo takes a humorous approach to the world of cultural identity in his podcast where he talks about important subjects. 

Southern Fried Asian 

Every week, Southern Fried Asian brings in a new famous face to talk about what it means to be Asian in today’s United States. 

They Call Us Bruce 

The hosts of this podcast talk about how their shared identity led to others calling them Bruce after Bruce Lee and some of their other experiences. 

Saturday School 

Children can learn more about the history of Asian Americans and the challenges they face in this podcast hosted by two AAPI men. 

At the Moment: Asian American News 

AZI Media tackles a different topic in every release like the military in American Samoa and the farmer protests in India. 

Modern Minorities 

This podcast allows the hosts to have difficult conversations with minorities about their experiences and what they learned from them.