Easiest Business Degrees

easiest business degrees

Regardless of where you look, you’ll find some sort of business. Whether it’s an advertising agency, a marketing company, a hospital, an IT company, or a floral shop, it’s some sort of business. In almost every one of these businesses, you’ll find individuals who have some sort of business degree. Business degrees are very popular degrees today.

Overall growth in the business and financial sector is continuing to rise, and the BLS expects 715,000 new jobs in this field over the next decade. If you’re interested in earning a business degree, keep reading and get information on some of the easiest business degrees.

Types of Businesses

Although there are various types of businesses in many different industries, most business types fall into one of these categories.

  • Sole Proprietorship – This is a business owned by one person.
  • General Partnership – A general partnership is an unincorporated business that’s owned by two or more people. All owners share the assets and liabilities.
  • Limited Partnership – A limited partnership is owned by many, but each member is only liable for the amount he or she invested in the business.
  • Corporation – A corporation is where a company is owned by many people or a business.
  • Limited Liability Company – A limited liability company is owned by many members, and some may have limited or no liability.
  • Nonprofit Organization – A nonprofit organization is one where the profit goes to the public rather than to the members.
  • Cooperative – A cooperative is where all owners share in the profit or losses.

Once you have decided what type of industry you want to be part of, you individual can choose the kind of business that’s the most interesting and most meets your career goals. There are various types of businesses. Here are some of the most chosen and most popular business types.

  • Human Resource Management
  • Business Administration
  • Marketing
  • Project Management
  • International Business
  • Healthcare Administration
  • Operations Management
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Information Technology
  • Finance
  • Information Systems Management
  • Logistics/Supply Chain
  • Accounting

Types of Business Programs

When choosing a specific business degree, you’ll want to know what your career goals are and how long you want to be in school getting the education and training necessary for this career. What you want to do for a career will play a major role in choosing not just the easiest business degree but also the most appropriate degree level and program.

Associate’s Degree in Business

The associate degree program usually takes about two years to complete but can be completed in less time when taken online. An associate degree program prepares you for entry-level jobs in almost any area of business. Associate degrees are ideal for individuals who are eager to join the workforce and obtain real-life experience in their area of interest. They also act as a foundation for bachelor’s degree programs.

Bachelor’s Degree in Business

The bachelor’s degree program, which usually takes about four years to complete, is the chosen degree by many aspiring business professionals. Many colleges offer online business degrees, which are often the easiest business degrees to earn. Students are often allowed to transfer credits from an associate degree program into a bachelor’s degree program.

Master’s Degree in Business (MBA)

A master’s degree business program prepares students for higher-level and management positions. Many business students with bachelor’s degrees continue to work to gain experience while earning their master’s degrees online. In fact, distance learning is a popular choice for many students pursuing a master’s degree. Master’s degrees can take from two to three years to earn.

Doctor of Business (DBA)

A doctoral degree is typically chosen by individuals interested in high management positions, academia, or careers in research. Online doctoral degree business programs are very popular because the student can take as little or as much time as needed to complete the program. Doctoral degree programs often require the student to complete a thesis and/or dissertation.

Easiest Business Degrees

Choosing a business degree can be a big decision because we’re talking about your future. You don’t want to choose a program that’s difficult or one that doesn’t meet your career goals. You’ll want to learn more about the school’s admission requirements, the program’s curriculum, and what it takes to earn the degree.

Below you will find ten of the easiest business degrees along with some general information on the degree. What should come as no surprise is that they all are online programs.

1. Southern New Hampshire University

Master of Business Administration

  • Admission Requirements: Must apply and consult with a school advisor. No GRE or GMAT is required, no application fee
  • Curriculum: Courses like Innovation and Strategy for High-Performance Organizations, Marketing & Communication, Organizational Strategy in a Global Environment, Economics, and Leading People and Organizations.
  • Time to Graduate: This online program can be completed in one year, but online students can earn the degree at their own pace.
  • What Makes it Easier – It’s a very flexible program with very few admission requirements. Credits can be transferred into the program, which also offers multiple start dates. This program offers very affordable tuition. The MBA is also a 100 percent online program.

2. Purdue University Global

Associate of Science in Business Administration

  • Admission Requirements – Students must complete an information request form, speak with a school advisor, and apply to the school. They must also choose an area of concentration at the time of admission.
  • Curriculum – Courses will vary because the program offers several areas of concentration, including business, retail management, customer service, office management, and information processing, among others. It also offers an interactive online campus so students can get hands-on training.
  • Time to Graduate – This program can be completed in one to two years or upon completion of 90 credit hours.
  • What Makes it Easier – The program allows students to transfer credits plus get credits for life experiences. Students get a free 3-week trial period to determine if the program is what they want. They can also choose their own schedules with new terms starting every month.

3. Colorado State University Global

Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Administration

  • Admission Requirements – Applicants must submit a high school transcript, and a resume showing two years of work experience and must take the school’s admissions exam.
  • Curriculum – Includes courses like Applying Leadership Principles, Health Law & Ethics, Healthcare Information Systems, Project Management, Intro to the U.S. Healthcare System, and Managed Care and Insurance. Courses may vary by the area of specialization the student chooses. A capstone course may also be required.
  • Time to Graduate – This program can be completed in about two years.
  • What Makes it Easier – It’s easier because students can complete the work anywhere and anytime. Students can choose from various areas of specialization, so they only have to focus on the area that interests them most. Students can do their work anywhere and anytime because the program is all online.

4. Bryan College

Associate of Science in Business

  • Admission Requirements – Students must apply, submit high school or college transcripts, and complete an essay or interview.
  • Curriculum – Bryan College collaborates with other colleges and universities regarding the courses that are required for the program. At the time of admissions, students will work with advisors to determine what specific courses the student must complete based on the degree and concentration chosen.
  • Time to Graduate – This program can be completed in about 18 months.
  • What Makes it Easier – The online format offers students flexible learning. The program allows students to transfer up to 30 credits as well as earn credits for life experiences. Has among the lowest tuition cost around.

5. Concordia University

Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration

  • Admission Requirements – Must fill out and submit an online application and submit all transcripts from any post-secondary school. Must also have a cumulative GPA of at least 2.0 in previous college courses.
  • Curriculum – Students must complete 120 hours of core courses, business courses, major-related courses, and electives. Course topics might include business statistics, human resource management, business policy and ethics, and marketing management.
  • Time to Graduate – This program can be completed in two to three years or however long it takes the student to complete the 120 hours.
  • What Makes it Easier – This is an accelerated program that allows students to graduate in less time than it would normally take. Students get online tutoring and help as well as an advisor to assist them in setting up a schedule that works best for them.

6. Western Governors University

Master of Science in Marketing

  • Admission Requirements – Applicants must apply and a transcript showing that they have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college.
  • Curriculum – Course topics include e-commerce, data analytics, SEO, and digital marketing. Students will put together a business portfolio and are prepared for industry certifications upon graduation.
  • Time to Graduate – Most students can complete this program in 24 months.
  • What Makes it Easier – The program allows students to advance quickly through things they already know and focus more on new things they don’t yet know. Students can choose a flexible schedule that fits into their lifestyle. There is no GRE or GMAT requirement.

7. Florida State University

Bachelor of Science in Health Science

  • Admission Requirements – Students must apply, and the application type is determined by the number of college credits they have. FSU has a rolling admission so students should submit their applications as soon as possible. They must complete an admissions essay and show proof of a high school diploma or equivalency.
  • Curriculum – In addition to completing courses like health education, personal and family health, and health education professional development, students will complete an internship at a healthcare facility in their area. They can also choose specializations.
  • Time to Graduate – This program can be completed in about two to three years.
  • What Makes it Easier – The flexible online format allows students the choice of studying full-time or part-time. They can also choose minors so they can focus on their areas of interest. Students also have the option of taking a semester off if necessary.

8. University of Southern Indiana

Master of Business Administration Online

  • Admission Requirements – Applicants must meet work requirements or GPA requirements to apply.
  • Curriculum – The curriculum includes courses that teach students about business management, business ethics and laws, changes in technology, and how society and business intersect.
  • Time to Graduate – With full-time study, students can earn this degree in about 11 months.
  • What Makes it Easier – It’s a fully online program so students can decide how long they want to be in school. It also allows them to study at their own pace 24/7 and wherever they may be at the time. The tuition is also very affordable.

9. Bellevue University

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

  • Admission Requirements – Must apply and show proof of a high school diploma or GED as well as a transcript if the student has completed some college courses.
  • Curriculum – Students take courses like managing operations in a changing economy, business ethics, business communication, and principles of management. Students can choose from various areas of specialization, and courses are based on the chosen area. They must also complete business administration upper-level courses as well as common business core courses
  • Time to Graduate – Students must complete 127 credit hours and may be able to complete the program in two years.
  • What Makes it Easier – The program allows students to transfer up to 90 credits towards the baccalaureate degree. This is a very affordable degree to earn. The program can be accelerated if the student already has an associate degree.

10. University of Maryland Global Campus

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

  • Admission Requirements – Must have a high school diploma or a degree from an accredited college. Student must submit an online application. Entrance exams are not required.
  • Curriculum – Students will complete courses like strategic management, management and organization theory, marketing principles, business ethics, accounting principles, information systems, and business ethics, among others. At least half the courses taken must be upper-level courses. The student will design a business plan demonstrating knowledge of business policies and managing people and resources.
  • Time to Graduate – Students can graduate in only a couple of years with full-time study. This program is considered one of the easiest business degrees to earn.
  • What Makes it Easier – Students can transfer up to 90 eligible credits and get credit for military or professional life experiences. The 120 required credits can be completed 100 percent online. Students can add a major or minor, which allows them to focus more on those specific areas of concentration. The school also offers interest-free monthly payment plans.

Getting Started

No matter your degree level or interest in business, there is a business degree out there for you. Inquire with a few programs to compare what they offer and get started today.