Nursing Interviews

No amount of research into a career field is complete without talking to people in the field and learning from them the ins and outs of their job. Nursing is no exception, with the many paths you can take within the profession. In our interview section, we take a look at a cross-section of nurses, in hopes that this will help interested prospective nurses see the different options available, get a close look at a day-in-the-life of a nurse, and find out if they have what it takes for this career.

Interview with a Pediatric ER BSN/RN

Interview with a Childrens ER BSN/RNTitle: RN/BSN Stats: Works at only children’s hospital in multi-state region, magnet hospital Career: 21 years What made you choose nursing as a career? I initially wanted to be a veterinarian but when I was 15...

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Interview with a BSN/MSN/FNP

Interview with a BSN/MSN/FNP Title: FNP, working in Internal Medicine, only sees adult patients Stats: Works three weeks a month in the clinic and one week a month in the hospital Career: 16 years as a nurse What has been your path into nursing?...

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Interview with an ER BSN/RN

Interview with an ER BSN/RN Title: RN, BSN in Level 1 Trauma Emergency Department in AZ Stats: Busiest ER in the state, 5th busiest in the nation Career: Been in the ER for three years, which translates to 3-5 years in a traditional ER with the...

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