Data Science Careers

Your career in Data Science starts here:

If you are looking for a career in data science or data analytics, then our career profiles give you the information you need to get ahead. There are many roles in technology and other organizations that use data science, and the field is constantly evolving. The field of data science includes everyone from analysts to managers and in-between, and you may work in a variety of industries including retail, government, health, fintech, edtech and many more.


Degrees and More

Many times, people think a degree is all that is needed to enter into a job of choice. With emerging industries, a constant pulse on “what’s new” is always important. There are certifications that are becoming mainstream for careers in data science.


Top Career Choices

There is something for everyone in Data Science. You can work solely with numbers, build algorithms and dissect data in a heads-down environment, or manage others and have the opportunity to research, present findings and teach others.

What is Data Science?

Being named the “Sexiest Job of the 21st Century” by the Harvard Business Review brought a lot of attention to a field that has actually been around a long time. Known previously as a statistician, the Data Scientist role is unique in that more companies are bringing this role to their offices, where they would not have brought in a statistics expert. More awareness means more opportunities, and this area is expected to grow to 11.5 million job openings by 2026.


More Than Just Data

Working as a data scientist means you will need to work with senior level managers and directors, give presentations on data findings and educate your company on data analysis. As a data scientist, you have a large impact on any organization as you play a role in present and future decisions by the company.

Find your ideal data science career

From Business Analyst to Data Engineer, there are a variety of roles who can make up the Data team. Each organization may have a different structure depending on the needs of the business, the products, and what goals they are trying to achieve. As a Data Scientist, you are a key member of an emerging and growing practice.

Data Scientist

Data Scientists gather data, analyze it and draw conclusions that are helpful to the business while explaining their findings to management and staff.

Data Architect

Similar to a building architect, a Data Architect constructs data and create blueprints or maps for data management systems.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning engineers design programming and systems that equip machines to apply probably and models to think and learn the way a human brain does.

Data Engineer

A Data Engineer builds pipelines within data that a Data Scientist will work with, combining and architecting data sources and collaborating with the data science team.

Business Analyst

Business Analysts focus on an organization’s internal processes, data and procedures and analyzes technological solutions to make an organization more efficient.

BI Developer

BI Developers, or Business Intelligence Developers or Specialists, work on debugging and decoding, tools implementation and AI analysis.


Statisticians and mathematicians work with data and formulas to help solve industry, academic or government problems, analyzing and figuring out datasets.

Marketing Analyst

A Marketing Analyst analyzes and deciphers data specific to helping a business decide which products and services to market.