Online Degrees

Your Path to a Greater Future Starts Here

Many students feel like they can’t complete a degree for a number of reasons – the most common are: time and money. With an online degree, now a college education is accessible to many people who would not otherwise be able to attend school. Most online degrees can be completed on your own time, or have limited times where they are supposed to be online.


Accessible Classrooms

Online degrees offer the flexibility that on-campus degrees do not. You can work, travel, take care of kids and other responsibilities all while going to school. And the great news? Your classroom is available anywhere you have an internet connection.


Engaging Faculty

Many people don’t realize that online degrees employ the same professors as on-campus degrees – and you will often get to communicate with your faculty members even more than you would if you saw them in a giant lecture hall.

Popular Online Degrees

While online education is increasing, there are some degrees that are more popular than others. The typical degrees in business, healthcare, social work and psychology are always popular, but there are 137 other degree options to choose from when you go online. You can take online courses at any level, from Associate’s to Doctoral.


Can you go completely online?

That depends on the degree. While some degrees, such as business or a Master’s in Education allow for students to attend 100 percent online, other programs such as Nursing or Social Work may require some in-person activities over the course of the degree. The good news is that, through partnerships with local businesses and hospitals, many of the obstacles to earning a degree from a school not in your immediate area have been removed.

Millions of Students and Growing

If you are ready to earn an online degree, you will join over six million other students who are also earning a degree in this way. You will have active classrooms, engaging learning, and be able to attend school as a later-in-life learner with many of your peers. Take a look at our guides to various degrees you can earn online.

HR Associate's Degree

Get an entry level position in HR as a specialist or administrator with an associate’s degree in Human Resources.

Bachelor's in HR

Advance your career in Human Resources with a Bachelor’s degree in HR for more opportunity for promotions and salary.

Master's in HR

Get to the highest levels in your Human Resources career with graduate-level education in a Master’s program.

Humanities Degree

Looking for a flexible degree that you might actually enjoy? A humanities degree is a good candidate for a general degree that is also engaging.

Easiest Engineering Degrees

Looking to get into engineering? Then look no further than our list of the easiest engineering degrees, all offered in an online format.

Online Master of Divinity

If you are looking to further your pastoral or theological career, then a Master of Divinity program online can help you do this while still balancing the rest of your obligations.

Bachelor's in Spanish

A Bachelor of Arts in Spanish can help you further your career as a Spanish teacher, prepare you for a future as a translator, or work in a multitude of other fields with this degree as a foundation.

Online MFT Degree

A Master’s Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy can prepare you for a career as a Marriage and Family Therapist, a special designation you can get as a counselor.

Secondary Education Degree

A degree in Secondary Education can prepare you for certification to teach higher grades such as middle school and high school. If you are looking for a stable and growing career, look here.

PA Programs

Physician Assistant programs are masters-level programs that prepare PAs to work in the medical field in duties performed in the past by doctors.

Masters in Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical Engineering programs allow individuals to advance their careers, working on technology and medical advances, developing new equipment and devices to improve human health.

Degrees for Single Moms

There are a number of different degrees, both online and in the classroom, single moms can get. These different degrees will really help prepare them for the workforce.

Psychology Degrees

Psychology degrees can start at an associate’s and go all the way to an advanced degree. Many of these degrees prepare you to work in the wide field of psychology, in a business or school.

Master's Degree in Psychology

A master’s degree in psychology can prepare you for certification and licensure to become a practicing psychologist.

Bachelor's Degree in Psychology

To start a career in psychology, you will need at least a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Science in Psychology to get started.

CSI Degree Programs

To work in the field of Crime Scene Investigation, you may need either a degree in Forensics or a degree in Criminal Justice, depending on what part of CSI you want to work in.

Social Work Degrees

Social work is an in-demand career which allows you to work in a home, school or office setting. Our Social Work Degree and Career Guide explains all of the different career and degree options.

Education Degrees

Learn about the different levels of education degrees and what careers you can have in the field of education in our Education Degree and Career Guide.

Healthcare Administration Degrees

Work in the business side of healthcare with a healthcare administration degree. Choose from an associate’s, bachelor’s or higher as you help the healthcare system run.

Business Degrees

Working in a business setting will usually require at least a bachelor’s degree, but an MBA could garner you even more in salary and responsibility. Check out all of the business degree options here.

Nursing Degrees

Working as a nurse is a rewarding career that is in high demand, even more so since the Covid-19 pandemic. Join the ranks of many other successful healthcare professionals with a nursing degree.

Public Health Degrees

Public Health is a growing and strong field that focuses on the health of communities, protecting from diseases, spreading knowledge and launching public health campaigns.

Counseling Degrees

Counseling is a broad area that has a wide variety of specializations, where you can help children and families, people with addictions and much more.

Human Resources Degrees

Human Resources involves working with the people and systems within an organization. Check out the wide range of degree options to see what level you need to achieve your career goal.

Engineering Degrees

Engineering degrees and careers encompass a wide variety of options ranging from Mechanical Engineering to Computer Engineering and you can enter a rapidly growing and varied field.

Liberal Arts Degrees

A Liberal Arts degree can prepare you for just about anything, from a public relations career to a management role, and even provide the foundation for things like social work and teaching if you choose to continue your education.

Data Science Degrees

Data Science degrees are available at any level, from associate all the way to graduate, so you can become anything in the data science field, such as a data analyst or a BI developer.

Communications Degrees

A Communications degree can be the beginning to a variety of careers, ranging from sales management to government work, with its broad curriculum and the growing need for individuals adept at communicating.

Sociology Degrees

A Sociology degree is a great fit for someone looking to study human behavior, and who wants to have a career working with people.

Easiest Bachelor's Degrees

A bachelor’s degree is the steppingstone to a higher salary and more opportunity. Check out some options we have deemed ‘easier’ for your path.

Easiest Master's Degrees

A master’s degree is a ticket to more money, more job security and more responsibility, but it doesn’t have to be hard.

One Year Master's Programs

These masters programs can be finished in about a year and get you on the path to greater career success, more money and more responsibility quickly.

Easy Colleges to Get Into

Check out our list of 15 easy colleges to get into, looked at by acceptance rate, cost of tuition, whether you need exams to get in and more.

Easiest Online Degrees

Our list of 15 of the easiest online degrees will help you make a decision for a better future, but one that doesn’t have to be hard.

Best Degrees for Adults Returning to College

Check out our our analysis of the Best Degrees for Adults Returning to College to see the best options for adult learners.

Computer Science Degrees

Work in cybersecurity, software engineering, artificial intelligence and other computer science areas with a degree in computer science.

Easiest Degrees That Pay Well

One objective for going to college is to make more money, but if you are already working then you probably want a degree that is not too difficult.

Best Degrees for Entrepreneurs

As an entrepreneur, you may not think a degree is necessary, but a degree can really help you succeed in your endeavors.

Easiest Associate's Degrees

A great entry-level degree is an associate’s degree. Check out our list of 15 of the easiest associate’s degrees to start your education.

Legal Studies Degrees

A legal studies degree can range from an associate’s degree to graduate-level program that will teach you about law and the legal field.

Accelerated Bachelor's Degrees

An accelerated bachelor’s degree program is a more intense program with a higher course load taken at a time so a degree can be finished quickly.

Best Degrees for Fifty Year Olds

Older students looking to go back to school should look no further than our list of the best degrees for fifty year olds.

Best Online Colleges that Accept FAFSA

Prospective students state that finances are their number reason for putting off a degree. Take a look at our list of the best online colleges that accept FAFSA.

Best Online Math Degrees

Math degrees can lead to a variety of careers – teaching, engineering, accounting and much more. Explore our list of online math degrees.

Best Degrees for Felons

Students with a record can still earn a college education – sometimes even while incarcerated, and are still eligible for federal financial aid.

Best Degrees for Felons

There are a lot of schools that offer free or reduced laptops for their students. Here’s a list of some of those schools so attendance and work completion is not an issue.

Accelerated Degrees for Working Adults

Schools offer programs in an accelerated manner so you can finish school quickly while still working.

Best Online Animation Degrees

Whether you want to work in a studio or as an independent consultant, an online animation degree can get you on the path to a career in game design or a related field.

Best Online MBA with No GMAT

A Master of Business Administration is a great step in advancing your career in the business world. Enrolling in a program with no GMAT requirements is desirable to people who have been out of school for a while.

Best Master's Degrees

A Master’s Degree is often the key to career advancement, more money and more responsibility. If you are a looking for a master’s degree that has all three, check out our guide of the best master’s degrees.

Most Affordable Bachelor's Degrees

A bachelor’s degree is the key to opening up a satisfying and well-paying career, and these affordable options help you get there without breaking the bank.


Why go online?

In these times, flexibility is key, and nothing is more flexible than an online degree. Online education has come a long way, and you will often have some live instruction, work in small groups, and even get to ‘see’ your classmates in virtual classrooms.


Benefits of an online degree

Besides the fact that no one will know whether you earned your degree online or in-person, an online degree allows you to continue working, care for your family, travel and keep your lifestyle, all while advancing your education.


From online degree to the office

Many people wonder how an online degree will transfer to working in an office. In today’s day and age, office work is often done mostly online anyway, with many workers in the legal, government, healthcare, business and other sectors working 100 percent online.