Best Online Math Degrees

Best Online Math Degrees

Do you enjoy working with numbers and typically enjoy anything math-related? If so, you may wish to consider pursuing a math degree. While we often think of a math degree as a path to becoming a math teacher, earning a math degree can prepare you for many other careers, and you can earn your degree completely online, giving you time for work and home responsibilties.

Types of Math Degrees

Math degrees can be earned at the associate, bachelor, master, and doctoral degrees. What the student hopes to do in their career will generally determine what degree level they hope to pursue. However, there are various types of degrees a math student can pursue.

  • Geometry
  • Calculus
  • Applied mathematics
  • Number theory
  • Actuarial science
  • Discrete mathematics
  • Statistics
  • Algebra
  • Computer science
  • Pure mathematics
  • Analysis
  • Computational Mathematics

These various types of math degrees may be used as the degree major or as a minor. The most common math degree is the Bachelor of Science in Mathematics.

Possible Math Careers

Earning a math degree can prepare you to work at various jobs and make very good wages. Below are the potential jobs a math degree can lead to as well as the average annual wages these positions earned according to a 2022 wage report by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

What You’ll Learn in an Online Math Degree

Aspiring math degree students often think that, since it’s a math degree, all the courses will be math courses. Although you will take several math courses, you’ll probably also have these courses.

  • Calculus
  • Discrete mathematics
  • Differential equations
  • Geometry
  • Modeling
  • Analysis
  • Machine learning
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Complex Variables
  • Data Structures
  • Linear Algebra

Although the list of math courses is huge, the courses a math student will have to take depend on the program and degree the student has chosen to pursue.

15 Best Online Math Degrees

There are many colleges that offer math degrees, and many of them are online math degrees. Below you will find a list of 15 of the top schools offering online math degrees along with some information on the program.

1. Southern New Hampshire University – Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics

The BA in Mathematics at SNHU is an accredited 100% online program that requires completion of 120 credits or 40 subjects, 42 of which are general education credits. Students can transfer up to 90 credits. A concentration in Applied Mathematics is offered with this degree. The program offers the choice of six different start dates. Students good in math who pass math placement exams can earn up to 4 free math credits, which is equivalent to 4 subjects.

2. Liberty University – Bachelor of Science in Mathematics

The undergraduate mathematics degree is an online program that can be completed in four years of less. Graduates of this degree are prepared to obtain certification as teachers or pursue similar careers requiring a good knowledge of math. This online program is offered through LU’s Department of Mathematics. This is a very flexible program with 8-week courses, and students can also choose from 8 different start dates throughout the year.

3. Grand Canyon University – Bachelor of Science in Mathematics for Secondary Education

The Bachelor of Science in Mathematics is an online program aimed at students who want to teach math to secondary education students. Upon successful completion of this program, graduates are prepared to obtain licensure in their state. GCY is a Christian university that offers a well-rounded curriculum and 24/7 support to online students. The 7-week courses offer flexibility for students. Up to 90 credits can be transferred toward the degree. Despite it being an online program, students will have to complete a teaching experience in a real classroom.

4. Bellevue University – Bachelor of Science in Mathematics

The bachelor’s in mathematics degree at Bellevue is an online 127-credit program that can be completed in four years or less. They also offer an accelerated format. Students with an associate degree can transfer in 60 credits. This program offers five areas of concentration: computer programming, business analytics, secondary education, data analysis, and predictive modeling. The online students also have the option to complete courses on campus as well.

5. Concordia University – Bachelor of Arts in Secondary Education – Mathematics

The Bachelor of Arts in Secondary Education with a Mathematics concentration is a fully online accelerated program that students can complete in three years. The program requires completion of 120 credits, which are earned in 8-week class sessions. Upon graduation and licensure, the individual can teach math to students in grades 4 to 12. Students can also choose from 8 different start dates, making it a very convenient program for students with busy lives. They can also transfer up to 84 credits.

6. Regent University – Bachelor of Education in Secondary Mathematics

The Bachelor of Education at Regent, a Christian University, is ideal for educators who want to teach grades 6-12. It’s particularly beneficial for those interested in teaching math or improving their math knowledge and skills. A bonus of this program is that it has a track that leads right to licensure, so students can pursue teaching jobs only immediately after graduation. The program offers convenient classes that go in 8- or 15-week sessions. Students can also transfer in 90 credits. Regent also offers generous scholarship opportunities to eligible students.

7. Indiana University – Bachelor of Science in Mathematics

Indiana University offers an online bachelor’s degree in mathematics that can be taken both online and on campus. This program is an accelerated program that offers 6- and 8-week courses that allow students to graduate in less time than normal. The curriculum includes courses like modern algebra, calculus, abstract mathematics, real analysis, mathematical models, and linear algebra, among others. Students can choose specific electives to help them pursue areas of concentration that may interest them.

8. Louisiana State University – Bachelor of Science in Mathematics

The Bachelor of Science in Mathematics program at LSU is a 120-credit program that can be completed in 3 to 4 years depending on the number of credits completed per semester. In addition to completing coursework, students will also work on faculty-mentored programs that provide them with hands-on training. This program is flexible enough so that students can work and go to college. This college is ranked among the top online colleges in terms of affordability.

9. University of North Dakota – Bachelor of Science in Mathematics

The Bachelor of Science in Mathematics program at the University of North Dakota is a fully online program that requires no campus visits. Students learn online through platforms such as posted lectures, lesson modules, online simulations, streaming videos, and virtual libraries. However, different instructors may offer different lessons. In order to graduate, you must complete the required 120 credits. The University of North Dakota is one of the most affordable colleges in the area.

10. American Public University – Bachelor of Science in Mathematics

American Public University offers a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics through its School of Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). The curriculum not only advances the student’s knowledge of mathematics but also acts as a foundation for advanced education in mathematics. This program has no entrance fees, application fees, or book fees. Students can transfer in 90 of the required 120 credits as well as choose from several different areas of concentration.

11. Ottawa University – Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics

Ottawa University offers an online accelerated Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics. Students can choose from two areas of concentration: secondary education or actuarial science. Courses offered include discrete mathematics, calculus, differential equations, abstract algebra, numerical methods, and probability. Because this program offers an accelerated format, it can be completed in less than the traditional four years. The online format is offered at four of OU’s campus locations.

12. University of Illinois – Springfield – Bachelor of Arts in Mathematical Science

The Bachelor of Arts in Mathematical Science is a 120-credit program designed for students who want careers using statistics, mathematics, and operations research. Students interested in pursuing graduate studies in applied mathematics generally find this program to be the ideal stepping stone. Upon graduation, students may find careers in research, teaching, management, industry/engineering, and insurance. The program allows students to pick and choose from various electives to increase the careers available to graduates.

13. Thomas Edison State University – Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics

The online Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics is aimed at students interested in teaching mathematics or students who just want to sharpen their math skills for personal/professional use. This 120-credit degree program can be completed in less than four years. The curriculum includes math classes, science classes, and general education courses, with specific emphasis on algebra, analysis, and applied mathematics. The program not only allows you to transfer credits from other schools attended but also offers various other transfer credit opportunities.

14. Wilmington University – Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics

The online Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics is an interdisciplinary program that utilizes practice over theory, which helps students build math skills in various areas, including analysis, mathematics, and statistics. It’s a very flexible program that offers 8 start dates per year. Students can also transfer 40 credits toward the 120 required credits. The program offers two areas of specialization: programming and data visualization. This degree program is an F-1 STEM-eligible program.

15. Western Governors University – Master of Arts in Mathematics Education

The master’s degree in mathematics education at Western Governors University is a fully online program designed for students who already have a bachelor’s degree and a valid teaching license. Courses include calculus, geometry for secondary education, algebra for secondary education, probability & statistics, modeling, and trigonometry. Students can complete this program in two years, at which time they can obtain certification. This program also offers very affordable tuition and fees. WGU offers a very generous credit transfer policy.

Admission Requirements

Every college has admission requirements that students must satisfy before they can begin the program or be accepted into the program. There are both college admission requirements and program admission requirements. Even if the student has completed the college admission requirements, the student will also have to complete any requirements for the actual program.

It is important to remember that requirements vary from school to school. Below are some of the most common admission requirements for both.

  • Completed and submitted application with any applicable entrance fees.
  • Official transcripts from all colleges and schools attended
  • Test scores or completed placement exam
  • Letters of recommendation from personal, professional, and academic contacts
  • A statement or essay stating what you want to accomplish and that you have the skills needed to meet your academic and career goals

Benefits of Online Programs

More and more college students today are choosing to earn their degrees online. Online programs can be easier, faster, and more convenient than trying to earn a degree on campus. There are many benefits to an online program.

  • Students can complete the program in less time or can choose to take longer.
  • They offer convenience because students can do their studies at their own pace in the comfort of their homes.
  • Students save a lot of money not having to drive to college every day.
  • Online programs are usually more flexible with their curriculum.
  • College tuition and fees are often cheaper with online degree programs.

Getting Started

Inquiring with a few schools is a great first step. Then, gather your application materials, apply for financial aid if needed, and start the path to your new career.