Best Bachelor’s Degrees in Spanish for 2024

Bachelor's Degree in Spanish


A Bachelor’s degree in Spanish opens doors to working in a bilingual setting in education, business, and more. Living in the diverse world we live in, many individuals want to learn as much as possible about other cultures and nationalities, including how to speak their language. It’s not unusual to hear of students wanting to learn a foreign language, and Spanish is the one most chosen. As hard as this may be to believe, obtaining a bachelor’s degree in Spanish can be very beneficial to your life and open many doors for you career-wise. Read on to learn more about the bachelor’s degree in Spanish, including what it entails, benefits, and what graduates can expect in terms of career outlook.

What is a Bachelor’s Degree in Spanish?

The bachelor’s degree in Spanish is a four-year degree program chosen by students who want to learn more about the Spanish language, culture, and way of life so that they can put this knowledge together into a chosen career. The bachelor’s degree is generally the first part of the student’s secondary education. The student can advance their education into a master’s or doctoral degree, but it’s not a requirement.

The end result all depends on what the student’s career goals might be. The bachelor’s degree usually consists of three parts: coursework, independent study, and research. Depending on the school the student attends, the student may or may not have to do a project or term paper in order to earn the bachelor’s degree.

When you think of a student earning a bachelor’s degree in Spanish, what often comes to mind is the student learning the Spanish language. While the student will learn the Spanish language, the bachelor’s in Spanish is much more than just that. The student will also learn about Spanish literature, Spanish culture, and Spanish history.

When studying Spanish cultural education, the student will also learn about areas where the Spanish language is used, such as the Caribbean and Latin America. At the end of the program, students should be knowledgeable in all aspects of the Spanish language, including reading, speaking, writing, and listening.

The program also provides students with insight into the strong culture of Spanish-speaking communities as well as knowledge of their international politics. Graduates of a bachelor’s degree in Spanish will find many jobs available to them, including translating or teaching, among many others. The bachelor’s degree in Spanish, which is generally a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish, is offered as both an on-campus program and an online program.

Program Highlights

The bachelor’s degree in Spanish is generally a four-year program that requires completion of about 120 credits. The program’s format may vary depending on if the degree is earned on campus or online, but the end result is generally the same. In some programs or schools, the Spanish undergraduate program may offer a general track, an applied language track, or a business track.

The track or area of concentration the student chooses will also determine what courses the student must complete. The area of concentration the student chooses may also be determined by the student’s career aspirations.

Students in the online bachelor’s degree in Spanish will complete most or all of their courses online through a learning platform like Blackboard or a similar platform. Students log in to the school’s website to submit assignments and take exams. Online students will also participate in virtual meetings with groups and instructors using the latest technology.

Many students choose the online bachelor’s degree in Spanish because it allows them to earn the degree at their convenience. This is especially beneficial for students who need to continue working while they’re in college.

Students may also be required to complete a practicum course or project to demonstrate what they’ve learned in the program. They may also have to complete a research-based essay. Some programs offer the student the opportunity to study abroad, which is not only exciting and beneficial but also recommended.

What Can You Do with a BA in Spanish?

A bachelor’s degree in Spanish prepares students for careers or jobs where Spanish-speaking skills and cultural proficiency are necessary, and this covers a lot of areas today. Spanish is one of the most widely used language in the world today, so a Spanish degree can open doors in many types of businesses and industries

  • Communication
  • Business
  • Government
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Culture and tourism
  • Translation and interpretation
  • National and international management

The bachelor’s degree in Spanish not only offers careers in many industries but also many specific job titles.

  • College professor
  • Bilingual educator
  • Cultural events coordinator
  • Translator
  • Travel agent
  • Immigration officer
  • Foreign exchange trader
  • Writer
  • International banking officer
  • Foreign service officer
  • Interpreter
  • Social worker
  • International relations consultant

Some graduates of the bachelor’s degree program choose to join the workforce immediately upon graduation. Other students choose to advance their education and earn master’s or doctoral degrees. Advanced degrees are often recommended for individuals who wish to work in leadership positions or in research.

Career and Salary Outlook

Individuals who earn a bachelor’s degree in Spanish have many career opportunities available to them. Many of these careers offer excellent job growth as well as very good wages according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

College professors and postsecondary teachers are expected to experience job growth of eight percent between 2022 and 2032. The average annual wage for these professionals as of May 2020 was $80,840 with about 118,800 job openings projected each year.

Translators and interpreters should see an employment growth of four percent during the 2022-2032 decade, which means they are in demand and will continue to be in demand for the near future. Their average annual wages were $53,640, with about 7,200 job openings projected each year.

Bilingual educators are predicted to see a one percent job growth between 2022 and 2032. Their mean annual wage is $83,300, and the highest paying states are California, Oregon, and Connecticut.

Financial services sales agents, such as foreign exchange traders, should see a seven percent job growth through 2032. Their annual average wage was $67,480, and there are about 40,100 available jobs in this industry each year.

Border Patrol officer wages range from $59,021 to $95,192 with the option for a 25 percent of base pay bonus. Pay rates are based on salary tables, and you can find more information here. Border Patrol is a level 9. These roles are in high demand right now.

Social workers are expected to see job growth of seven percent between 2022 and 2032. Their wages are the highest in hospitals and government jobs with the average annual wage at $55,350.

Keep in mind that wage potential can be affected by many factors, including degree level, years of relevant work experience, employer, and location.

Sample Curriculum

The curriculum for students earning the bachelor’s degree in Spanish may vary from program to program, but most programs require students to complete a certain number of hours in specific courses. Some possible courses in the Spanish undergraduate program include the following.

  • Elementary Spanish
  • College Composition
  • Reasoning with Mathematics
  • Introduction to Hispanic Literature
  • Spanish Conversation and Composition
  • Spanish 1 and Advanced Spanish II for Bilinguals
  • Portuguese for Spanish Speakers
  • Spanish Culture and Civilization
  • Latin American Civilization
  • Syntax and Stylistics
  • Survey of Spanish or Latin American Literature

If you’re interested in furthering your Spanish education, you’ll want to pick a degree program. Here are ten of the best online Spanish degrees that we have vetted. Take a look at our methodology here.

10 Best Online Bachelor’s Degrees in Spanish

1. Oregon State University

BA in Spanish

The BA in Spanish from Oregon State University has four start dates per year, a low cost per credit hour ($350/credit), and OSU has ‘holistic admissions’ which means they try to assess student preparedness by looking at their potential through the lens of their own personal experience. For transfer students, they’d like to see at least a 2.25 GPA, and for first-year students, OSU is test-optional. You can apply to earn an honors degree distinction for your BA in Spanish with OSU.

Modality: Online
Credits: 180

2. Florida International University

BA in Spanish

Florida International University offers a fully online BA in Spanish with three start dates per year. Their cost per credit hour is $235.57/hour for in-state and $648.87/hour for out-of-state. Applicants must submit an ACT or SAT score, official transcripts, and an application fee. This program helps students be successful by pairing each student with their own success coach. FIU students will take courses in Literature, Linguistics, Grammar and Composition and more.

Modality: Online
Credits: 120

3. Arizona State University

BA in Spanish

Arizona State University has a fully online Bachelor of Arts in Spanish with no difference in tuition for in state or out-of-state online students. The cost-per-credit-hour is $635 and there are multiple start dates per year. Students at ASU don’t need to take the ACT or SAT, but they may submit scores for course placement. ASU also offers something called Earned Admission for students who don’t quite meet the admissions requirements. Courses are 7.5 weeks long and include courses for bilingual students and for those just starting out.

Modality: Online
Credits: 120

4. Northern State University

BA in Spanish with option for a dual degree

Northern State University has a fully online BA in Spanish that can also be taken on campus or combined for a dual degree with an International Business degree. Students will take courses in Latin American Literature, Conversation and Grammar, Writing, and elective courses to fulfill their degree requirements. Students in the Spanish program at NSU get the opportunity to do a four-week study abroad in Santiago, Chile. Applicants do not need the ACT/SAT, but they will need to meet certain high school GPA or placement test requirements. Online courses are $354.75 per credit hour, and just $100.90 per credit hour for qualified veterans.

Modality: Online or on campus
Credits: 120

5. Eastern New Mexico University

BA in Spanish

Eastern New Mexico University boasts the only fully online Bachelor of Arts in Spanish degree in the state of New Mexico. Their online program is interactive and does have live lectures and Skype discussion sessions which students are expected to attend. Tuition is also very affordable, even for out-of-state students. New Mexico residents will pay $174.75 a credit hour and non-residents will pay $257.27 per credit hour. ENMU has different admission requirements for high school students, transfer students and for adult learner applicants, so be sure to check their website for all the information.

Modality: Online
Credits: 120

6. University of Arkansas

BA in Spanish

The University of Arkansas is offering a new online bachelor’s degree in Spanish. Online students pay in-state tuition of $255.51/credit hour regardless of where they live. Courses include Advanced Spanish, Conversation and Composition, Cultural Readings, Advanced Grammar, and coursework for native Spanish speakers. The University of Arkansas Online Program provides students with a dedicated Student Liaison Office to help keep online students focused and on track. Additionally, students can earn 6 to 12 of their credits in a summer study program in Puebla and Madrid.

Modality: Online
Credits: 120

7. University of Arizona

Online BA in Spanish

The University of Arizona offers a 120-credit hour online BA in Spanish at a cost per credit hour of $500/hour and a reduced rate for military students of $250 per credit. This program offers four key areas of study: Hispanic literature and culture, linguistics, translation and interpretation and Portuguese. Students must submit transcripts and apply online, and has classes that start every 7.5 weeks, so there is always a new cohort starting up. With U of A, you get guidance and support and lots of resources that are also available to their on-campus students.

Modality: Online
Credits: 120

8. Valdosta State University

Online BA in Spanish – World Languages and Culture Track

For something a little bit different, you can choose the BA in Spanish from Valdosta State University. Their degree is focused on the history and culture of Spain and the Spanish speaking countries. Students also have access to the University’s study abroad programs in Spain, Costa Rica, or Cuba. There are unique admissions requirements for transfer students, first time students and non-traditional students. Non-traditional students need to submit high school transcripts and take the Accuplacer exam, and students are notified of their admissions status with 7-10 business days due to the rolling admissions of the University.

Modality: Online, on-campus
Credits: 120

9. University of North Alabama

Bachelor of Arts in Spanish

UNA offers a Spanish major in their online program, consisting of courses in Composition, Literature, and Grammar. Students can choose from an emphasis in Commercial Spanish, Language and Culture, or Literature. The online programs at UNA are completely flexible, allowing students to attend day or night, and provide flexible office hours with the same faculty that teach the campus programs. For online ungraduated students, tuition is $340/hour for 1-11 hours and then $5100 flat rate for 12-18 hours, so it is more economical to take more hours if students can manage it. Students also get their first course free when they are enrolled in two or more courses.

Modality: Online
Credits: 120

10. Indiana University

Bachelor of Science in Spanish

Students at IU can enjoy a rigorous curriculum offered by all the IU campuses in the only Bachelor of Science on our list. With the IU program, students can select one of four tracks: Spanish for Business, Spanish for Medical Communication, Hispanic Cultures for Travel and Tourism, or Hispanic Cultures in the US. For tuition, in-state students will pay $290/credit hour and out-of-state students will pay $390/credit hour. IU Online offers support services to all admitted students, and their program is ranked one of the best in the country.

Modality: Online
Credits: 120

If you haven’t guessed it by now, earning a bachelor’s degree in Spanish holds many benefits. You’ll have the choice of very interesting jobs, many of which pay very good wages. You’ll also be able to speak and understand the Spanish language, which is valuable on its own. There are many good reasons why so many students are choosing to earn a bachelor’s in Spanish degree.