Best Online Bachelor’s in Forensic Accounting

Best Online Bachelor's in Forensic Accounting

Do you like numbers and solving puzzles? Are you more of a behind-the-scenes person but are interested in the criminal justice field? If this sounds like you, then a bachelor’s degree in forensic accounting will be a good choice. In some schools, you will earn a business degree in accounting and choose to specialize in forensics.

What is a Forensic Accounting Degree?

Forensic accounting is a field of accounting concerned with the technology side. Professionals working in this field are responsible for using analytical and financial skills to investigate possible crimes and find evidence of those crimes. They often appear in court to discuss their findings, but they may also present those findings to a board of directors. You learn the skills you need to succeed in this industry when you enroll in one of the best online bachelor’s in forensic accounting programs.

Who Needs an Online Bachelor’s in Forensic Accounting?

Though you can earn a bachelor’s in accounting and work on the forensics side, it’s usually better to have a forensic accounting degree. The Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) hires forensic accounting professionals. These agents work in field offices but do not carry firearms. Some of the requirements of the job include the ability to get government clearance, passing a drug test, and having a bachelor’s degree. You also need an undergrad forensic accounting degree to work for private employers.

15 Best Online Bachelor’s in Forensic Accounting Degrees

Check out our list of reviewd programs for the top 15 online Bachelor’s Degrees in Forensic Accounting. Take a look at our detailed methodology here.

1. Southern New Hampshire State University – BS in Accounting with a Concentration in Forensic Accounting and Fraud Examination

Admission Requirements: Undergrad application, transcripts,
Tuition: $330 per credit hour

SNHU ranks as one of the best colleges with online degree programs. Its BS program includes 120 credits and lets you transfer up to 90 from another school. Though the program helps you earn a bachelor’s in accounting, it features a concentration in forensic accounting and fraud examination. Courses cover financial regulations and rules, communication, auditing, and financial ethics. SNHU allows you to work around your schedule and take classes as often as you want. You have 24/7 access to your courses. Professors with professional experience teach the courses to give you an inside look at the field, helping you become a certified fraud examiner.

2. Capella University – BS in Accounting

Admission Requirements: High school diploma, transcripts, application, government ID
Tuition: $2,500 per term

Capella University ranks highly on our list of the best online bachelor’s in accounting programs because it helps students who already attended college before. The FlexPath option uses your original credits to help you graduate in only 14 months and for less money than you thought you would spend. You take up to 14 general education courses along with 10 core classes and some electives. Eight courses are part of your specialization, which allows you to study forensic accounting. As a new student, you follow the GuidedPath that pairs you with an adviser who helps you choose classes to match your career goals. Some of the popular classes for forensic accounting students include Cost Accounting for Planning and Control, Financial Accounting Principles, and Advanced Financial Accounting Topics and Trends.

3. Waynesburg State University – Business Administration, Forensic Accounting

Admission Requirements: Common App or online application, transcripts
Tuition: $885 per credit hour

With four forensics majors available, Waynesburg State University allows you to take both accounting classes and courses from related disciplines. The university believes this makes students better prepared to match the needs of their future careers. Though traditional students have access to a hands-on learning lab, online students still have the chance to earn some practical skills. You have the chance to start in the fall, spring, or summer to begin classes on a schedule that works for you. The forensic accounting major includes a core of classes, including Principles of Financial Accounting, Criminal Justice Administration, Introduction to Forensic Accounting: Fraud Examination, and Law and Evidence. You can also do an internship online or offline.

4. Troy University – BS in Accounting with a Concentration in Forensic Accounting

Admission Requirements: Application, transcripts
Tuition: $325 per credit hour

Not only is the Troy University accounting program highly affordable, but it prepares you for working in fraud prevention or enrolling in an MBA program. The university supplies incoming students with a degree map that shows them what courses they need to take each semester to graduate in four years, but they also have the choice to enroll as part-time students. During the second semester of your senior year, Troy University asks you to do an accounting internship and helps you find a position nearby. Many of the courses you take have an emphasis on economics or financial aspects, including Cost Accounting I, Auditing Concepts, Introduction to Taxation, Fraud Examination I and II, Income Tax Accounting, and Auditing.

5. John Jay College of Criminal Justice – BS in Fraud Examination Financial Forensics

Admission Requirements: High school diploma, transcripts, application
Tuition: $565 per credit hour

The John Jay College of Criminal Justice offers one of the best online bachelor’s in forensic accounting programs with an emphasis on financial forensics and fraud examination. You’ll learn how to perform risk assessments to find fraud and the basics of investigative techniques. The fraud examination major includes up to 60 credits of work, but the college will waive three of the credits based on how well you score on the initial math exam. John Jay asks you to complete some general education classes and an accounting core before you take forensic and fraud courses. Those courses include Digital Forensics for the Fraud Examiner, Fraud Examination and Financial Forensics I and II, Data Analysis for the Fraud Examiner, and a final seminar.

6. University of Northwestern Ohio – Bachelor’s in Forensic Accounting

Admission Requirements: Application, transcripts, high school diploma
Tuition: $243 per credit hour

The University of Northwestern Ohio (UNO) offers an online undergrad degree program in forensic accounting for those who plan to sit for the certified fraud examiner exam. It focuses on both how to prevent fraud and investigate financial documents. Though you have the chance to take some electives, the program includes a core worth 102 credits, such as Accounting I and II, Contract Law, and Criminal Law for Non-Legal Majors. Part of this core is the accounting capstone, which asks you to complete a final research paper on a topic of your choosing. UNO also allows students to take internships, giving them the chance to earn practical accounting experience.

7. Indiana State University – BS in Accounting with a Minor in Forensic Accounting

Admission Requirements: Transcripts, application, application fee
Tuition: $401 per credit hour

Indiana State University offers a BS degree program in accounting with a minor in forensic accounting through Indiana State Online. As long as you live in the United States, you can enroll and begin classes at the beginning of the next semester. The online program includes 120 courses that range from general education classes and electives to accounting courses. The Legal Environment and Business, Principles of Marketing, and Principles of Accounting I and II are part of the business core. To complete the minor in forensic accounting, you’ll take Fraud Examination, Occupational Fraud, and Business Administration and the Law.

8. Utica University – BS in Fraud and Financial Crime Investigation with a concentration in Financial Investigation

Admission Requirements: Application, transcripts
Tuition: $400 per credit hour

The fraud and financial crime investigation major at Utica University is for motivated students who do well learning on their own. Though you receive guidance from professors in the program, the university expects you to also work independently. This program prepares you for the Utica graduate program in forensic accounting but can also help you get ready for the career you want. It’s one of the only online programs with courses in cybersecurity at the undergrad level. Graduates of the program work for top employers around the world. Students take classes like Introduction to Criminal Justice, Financial Crime Investigation, and Financial Crime Theory.

9. Franklin University – BS in Forensic Accounting

Admission Requirements: Transcripts, application
Tuition: $398 per credit hour

Franklin University specializes in offering online classes and programs that work around the busy schedules of its student body. Its BS in Forensic Accounting program takes place entirely online and includes both six-week and 12-week classes. You can even transfer up to 76% of your required courses if you took them from an accredited college or university. Franklin University prepares students to become financial detectives and work in different areas of crime and fraud examination and prevention. Once you complete the required foundation courses, you’ll take required courses like Fraud Examination, Interview Techniques and Legal Elements in Fraud Investigations, and Forensic Communication.

10. Texas Wesleyan University – BBA in Accounting with an Emphasis in Forensic and Fraud Accounting

Admission Requirements: Transcripts, application
Tuition: $1,771 per semester

Texas Wesleyan University offers a unique five-year program that helps you complete the credits needed to take professional exams when you graduate. The final year you spend in the program allows you to complete your MBA while still studying forensic accounting. As a bonus, the university guarantees your admission into the MBA program. This accounting program includes 36 credits of general education classes and one or more courses in fields like business administration and economics. You’ll also take 11 general business courses and nine accounting classes. The forensic and fraud accounting emphasis area requires that you take two courses and a practicum during your fourth year.

11. Champlain College – BS in Accounting: Forensic Accounting

Admission Requirements: Application, high school transcript
Tuition: $335 per credit hour

Champlain College designed this online program for students who attended college before but never finished their degrees. When you transfer credits into the accounting program, you can graduate in just 14 terms, though it will take longer if you do not transfer any classes. The college asks you to take two classes that last for seven weeks during each term. Champlain also offers a tuition break for students in the military. You’ll take 66 credits of professional courses, such as The Landscape of Internet Security, Principles of Finance, and Auditing. Earn a certificate in forensic accounting when you take 21 credits of courses like Digital Forensic Investigation Techniques and White-Collar Crime.

12. University of Alabama Birmingham – BS in Accounting, Emphasis on Forensic Accounting

Admission Requirements: High school or GED transcript, application, 2.0 GPA
Tuition: Up to $911 per credit hour

UAB offers two tuition rates for students who live in Alabama or other states. The online accounting program features 120 credits of courses that students usually finish in four years, but it can take some students longer. UAB designed the program to include the fundamentals of accounting and to also give students a good understanding of financial examinations and forensics. The accounting core is worth 34 credits and includes Fraud Examination and Fraud Schemes, Legal and Ethical Responsibilities in Professional Accounting, Forensic and Investigative Accounting, and Detection and Prevention of Fraudulent Financial Statements. Internships are also available to students. UAB offers support for those who need help finding a placement outside of Alabama.

13. Point University – Bachelor’s in Accounting: Forensics and Fraud

Admission Requirements: Application, transcripts
Tuition: $395 per credit hour

At Point University, you have the chance to learn accounting principles and study fraud and forensics while earning your degree online. To help you prepare for your advanced classes, Point University requires that you take electives and general education courses to develop strong research and writing skills. The main part of the program is the accounting core, which is worth more than 40 credits. It features Intermediate Accounting I and II, Financial Accounting, Cost Accounting, and Income Tax Accounting. You can also look forward to taking classes on investigative techniques, fraud schemes, and governmental accounting. Develop even more practical and hands-on skills through an internship or an independent study project.

14. Marysville University – BS in Accounting Systems and Forensics

Admission Requirements: Application, transcripts
Tuition: $781 per credit hour

The Marysville University accounting program strives to help students understand the fundamentals of forensics and forensic accounting. Every incoming student works closely with a life coach to identify their goals and determine which courses they should take. Most classes have fewer than 15 students, allowing you to work closely with your instructors and learn more from them. The university also requires that students plan and analyze financial programs to develop some hands-on skills. As one of the only undergrad programs with an emphasis on forensics, the program includes both required courses and options for students, such as independent study projects and internships. Courses include Financial Accounting, Ethics and Professional Responsibilities for Accounting, Accounting Research and Communication, and Accounting Information Systems.

15. DeSales University – BS in Accounting, Forensic Accounting

Admission Requirements: Transcripts, application
Tuition: $575 per credit hour

DeSales University has a BS in Accounting program with a concentration in forensic accounting. It teaches students how to analyze business and financial documents, prepare taxes, handle audits, and understand financial principles. In addition to the basic BS program, the university also has a 4 + 1 track for students who also want to earn their MBA. This program lets you begin taking graduate courses in your fourth year and complete your MBA in one final year. Both programs include a business core and some major courses, such as Principles of Marketing, Financial Accounting, and The Legal Environment of Business. You must also take some required electives and Forensic Accounting and Fraud Examinations classes.

Salary and Job Prospects for BA and BS in Forensic Accounting Degree Graduates

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) puts forensic accountants in the same category as fraud examiners. According to the BLS, the median salary is $84,300 per year or over $40 an hour. Accountants, on the other hand, earn more than $38 an hour or $79,880 annually. Specializing in an accounting field like forensics will increase your salary. The BLS also found that fraud examiners have a job outlook that is better than the national average, growing by 20% in the coming years. Indeed identified the states where forensic accountants earn the highest wages. This ranking found that the area with the highest wage is Washington DC at more than $120,000 a year.

Getting Started

Now that you’ve learned about some of the best selections for an online bachelor’s degree in forensic accounting, you can now find a program that fits for you. Be sure to inquire with a few different options so you can find the best fit.