Become a Research Psychologist

How to Become a Research Psychologist

So maybe you’ve looked at possible career paths involving field work, clinical care, school counseling, and other practical applications, and you’ve decided that what really captures your imagination is getting to learn and study how the many intricate mechanisms of the mind work.

If you like the idea of immersing yourself in the body of knowledge that has been accumulated in the field of psychology since its inception way back in antiquity, then working as a research psychologist in the field of experimental psychology is exactly the jobs you should be looking for.

People who specialize in research psychology and experimental psychology:

  • study behavior and cognition in humans and animals
  • develop experiments to test different aspects of how the mind works
  • formulate theories based on the results of their tests

By advancing the scope and depth of knowledge within the field of psychology, research psychology and experimental psychology professionals provide practitioners of all types of psychology with more and better tools to understand the human mind and help people live healthier and more enjoyable lives.

Specialists in research psychology and experimental psychology are generally found in academic environments such as colleges and universities, where they have access to libraries of supporting scholarly material and opportunities to learn from other psychology scholars and to teach students training for their own careers.

Research psychology and experimental psychology jobs can be found in:

  • academic environments such as colleges and universities
  • private research institutions
  • non-profit foundations
  • government laboratories

These researchers and psychologists strive to understand mental or emotional phenomena or to cure or mitigate specific behavioral or cognitive disorders.

People looking for careers in research psychology and experimental psychology should plan to obtain at least a master’s degree, as this is generally the requirement for employment as a research assistant.

Most psychological professionals in this field work toward doctoral degrees in order to increase their opportunities to teach and to study.

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